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    I just finished the Red Cross CNA course in Old Town (Red Cross office at 123 Alfred Street) December 2010
    The day course is team taught by two RN's who have something like 60 years nursing and administration experience between them. They are a wonderful team who teach with situations, real examples and text.
    They emphasize compassionate care and focus on comprehending real people.
    When we did the clinical week in the medical unit of a residence, they were always present and supportive.
    I felt we had received better instruction than some of the other nursing students we met that same week from another institution.

    The night course is taught by other instructors, but I do believe the day course was better run.

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    just finished the course in December 2010
    I strongly recommend the day course taught by 2 of the most wonderful, insightful and experienced nurses ever.
    The clinical week is in a well-staffed and well-supplied nursing home nearby, the class is in an office easy to find and strategic to bus routes
    Have not taken the state test yet, but I understand pay is 11 - 15 per hour in this area