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    Am a new grad. About 2 weeks in working the ICU. Is great, but have a lot to learn. Already thinking about grad school. Am 32 (old), no kids, but serious girlfriend. Is it worth it? Is it possible to go through program part time while working as an RN?

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    Just had some questions. New grad in icu. First day. Most my patients have CVP and on a million drips. So when you have a patient, they are on maint solution. Do most of you meds just hang as a secondary to this? e.g. fentanyl, insulin, versed, dextran. I mean, I don't want any med interactions. Cause say you get an order for a vasopressor (which I understand should be ran in a central line and by itself). So if you run the vasopressor, where are you going to run all the other meds. More peripheral ivs? I know there are 3 ports on the central line but since they all connect to one, you can't run anything else on it right?