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  • Feb 13 '13

    Please don't lose any sleep about what I chart or don't chart. ;-) My point was, if a medication helps your pain, it can't be a 10 anymore, considering 10 is the maximum.

  • Feb 13 '13

    I literally want yell at people when I ask them to rate their pain 0-10 and the tell me 12, 20, 50, whatever....I said 0-10, 10 is the worst people!!!! Not that big of a deal, but it drives me nuts!

  • Nov 29 '12

    Quote from somedaypeds
    I find counting the number of psych patients you had in one shift offensive.
    I find that silly.

  • Nov 14 '12

    still in NP (Family) school, but after the shift I had last night, I certainly am looking forward to becoming an NP. Chasing patients all night, running to bed alarms, being kicked and scratched by demented patients for 12 hours (with two shifts remaining), I will welcome seeing the patient and watching them walk out the door....Sorry, I know you want input from practicing NP's, but I just had to vent a I can patiently wait for actual NP's to respond....

  • Sep 17 '12

    Quote from wooh
    Massachusetts has RomneyCare. So until that provision of ObamaCare goes into effect, there's not going to be similar options for the rest of us in the continental U.S. (I believe Hawaii has some good options for healthcare as well.)
    I think that provision is going into effect in either 2013 or 2014, can't remember off the top of my head for sure though.
    Haha, never heard it called RomneyCare before...we just call it MassHealth=P

  • Apr 4 '12

    Quote from Jess1983
    go to a beauty salon and ask them to help you look older
    it does help!!!! i'm 22 and i still look the same as i did at 16
    I disagree with this though. I think a nurse at 22 does not need to get an older woman's haircut just to get her patients to take her seriously. Yes pink hair and nose piercings are not always a good idea. But a nurse with long haor and a few highlights in a ponytail should not be assumed to be 16. She has a life outisde of her job and shouldn't have to make over her hairstyle for her job.

  • Mar 20 '12


    I am so very happy to hear that! I am just at the begining of myself even though I was "almost" a registered nurse back in Poland years ago. I decided to return to this rewarding profession and trying to enroll into accelerated program. I keep reading analysis that we still have a shortage of nurses and that we will need even more nurses in the future. At the same time I am reading posts that it is so hard for graduates to find a job. Your post is so encouraging and positive!!! I am determined and as long as I am everything will work out!! I am sure about it!

  • Jan 29 '12

    Wow this post is kind of making me nervous. Last week I had to increase the propofol twice then when that didnt work give 2 bolus propofol of 3mg each. Then when that didnt work give 5mg of versed. It was given of course with Drs orders over the phone. I was not able to talk to the Dr myself as I was holding the ET tube against the patients lips.
    The patient was clamped down on the ET tube, no bite bar in place and we couldnt secure it.
    Iam a new nurse. Not ACLS certified yet. I did have an ACLS RN in the room assisting me, as well as our house supervisor.
    But with 9000 some drugs now available, how do we know which ones we can give and which ones we cant?

  • Dec 9 '11
  • Dec 8 '11

    Quote from vashtee
    I - for one - would LOVE someone to come in and teach me how to get better at time management. Maybe then, I would have time for at least one of the 15 minute breaks I am legally entitled to, or maybe I could have a lunch break before 2:30 or 3:00.

    I honestly feel I do a heroic amount of work during a day in the hospital, and I don't think many people could do more. We are ALL limited by time, the quality and quantity of our CNAs, and the number of total care patients we are assigned.
    Working hard does ot equate to working smart..

    I have seen nurses run around like chickens with their heads cut off.....methodical planning and thought can equal fewer trips back and forth across the floor.

    Also what I see is a general lack of teamwork.

    Nurses on a unit need to support eachother better.....from what I have observed......

  • Dec 8 '11

    I generally leave my patients floating in a pool of poo. I like to give other nurses a chance to feel morally superior. I feel it's my gift to the nursing community.

  • Dec 7 '11

    Nurses appear younger because older nurses are not being hired. Give me a job and I'll drag down the average!

  • Nov 27 '11

    Quote from farmernurse26
    but i am a new grad to boot and this is my first nursing job. if i am fired for insubordination from here how am i ever gonna get another job? who wants an insubordinate new grad with no experience and an alleged bad attitude?! how can i fix this? can i even fix this at all?!

    You're a new grad...only been there for 3 days. Not 3 years. Start over. Don't use them as a job reference. Go into another position as a new grad again. Some people may not agree about not using them on your resume but I feel it won't actually help you at all.

    Best will be fine!!! :0)

  • Jun 21 '11

    Quote from Trekfan
    What do you find "hard to believe" that someone with Disabilities would want to work as a nurse ? granted there are lots of people with Disabilities that just sit at home , that is not for me I love to work and just fyi most ssdi checks are between $600-1200 could you live on that ? I can't !
    I don't find it hard to believe, I find it scary that you would consider doing this type of work while trying to hide the mental state that you are in. You admit that you have health issues and that you have low vision, that your not able to see enough to be able to drive, that you black out, cannot remember things etc...

    I would NOT want you to be my nurse or any of my loved ones either. I have a daughter with low vision and know exactly what that is like. I don't understand how someone with this condition could be a nurse... I just don't. How are you going to start IV's? Read labels on medications, orders from physicians, charts, etc??? There is a lot more to being a nurse than what your making it out to be.

    I have no problem with someone who has a disability trying to or being a nurse until it endangers others and in this case it clearly would!

    How are you going to read doctors hand writing and get the right med, dose, patient, route etc when you admit in previous posts your unable to fill out YOUR OWN HEALTH HISTORY!!! How are you going to do I&O's? Vitals? Charting? Placing IV's, tubes, etc???? You would not be able to practice nursing if you cannot see well enough to perform these everyday tasks a nurse does.

    Its not being mean, its not thinking that someone with a disability shouldn't work as a nurse, certain people with certain disabilities could. But a disability is a limitation that you have and in this case it would be irresponsible for you to even consider this type of work when you would be putting lives at risk!!!

    Were not talking about office work, factory work, etc, we are talking about other people's lives! Doesn't that count for something to you? We all have hopes, dreams and limitations. It is WONDERFUL that you want to work, not to be on disability when you have that option. I think that says a lot, but I also think that it is just not an option for you unless your able to see well enough that you don't need assistance.

  • May 25 '11

    When in the situation of a terminal dying human, most are not comfortable. We at times avoid the room, do the q 1 hour turn and assessment, look at the family gathered around the bedside and offer words of comfort some how. We have all the tools we need to allay suffering. we know the outcome, yet we are never ready. I have pushed more morphine Diprovan ativan inapsine than a narc box can hold and until the soul/spirit is ready to leave the body, will death occur. just my observations of watching the last breath sitting at bedside and being there with the families. I have seen patients receive ungodly amounts of the above and none have taken their last breath while large doses of morphine was pushed. Many refused to die till they were good and ready... till a wedding was over, and the bride and groom came to their room, till the day of their pension would go into effect so their spouse could get benefits, till a brother sister mother father made it to the bedside. We give so much credit to ourselves and the medications we administer. We tear each other down with out seeing the whole picture. You have to live with yourself and your actions. Be true to yourself. Just remember the spirit is strong even though the shell is weak. Slow down and hold their hand talk softly and don't be afraid of the dying, don't be afraid to give the medication to keep them out of pain, physical or mental. That is what being a nurse is. relieving fear, pain and anxiety and helping one die with dignity. NurseCutie it sounds like you have insight and concern for your patients. Asking 4 opinions will get you many.