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    I'm thinking about going here, was the process hard to get in?

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    I got my MA degree at Harrison College and I love all the teachers and staff there. They are very nice and helpful. Now I want to go back to become an RN; the only problem is that Harrison only offers day classes . I don't know if I can go to school during the day, unless I find a job at an immediate care after hours OR my fiance suddenly becomes a manager at his company.. SIGH. So I'm looking at Fortis College, which I hear is accredited as well.

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    Quote from Msre23
    Your post sounds like its coming from me right now lol! Did u get more info? Did you start a program? Any recommendations I'm looking to find somewhere!
    Harrison College East was finally accredited so I'm going to apply to the nursing program here. Right now I'm taking some of the general classes here at Harrison since it was too late to apply for the fall class. And I'm studying to take the TEAS test. So if things play out right I'll be in the nursing program this fall.

    Good luck in your search! I know that a few people have had really good luck with MedTech, so it's where ever you feel the most comfortable going to. You should set up meetings with all the schools you are looking at and they should help you with different options that might work for you.

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    Thanks so much!

    I've put MedTech at the bottom of list right now. I'm now looking into either taking pre-reqs at Ivy Tech or going to University of Indianapolis. My friend's sister goes to U of Indy and she's going to get some information for me.

    I'm just not sure I want to pay the high tuition!

    I have a meeting with Brown Mackie today, but from what I've been reading it's a terrible nursing program. So it'll go to the bottom of the list too.

    I have to say.. all this research is frying my brain.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been researching for the past couple of days on LPN programs and I think that MedTech might be the best choice for me. I was wondering how many grads have successfully found jobs. I've read a lot of negative posts about going to schools like MedTech, but I haven't really seen any posts from graduates.