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    Hey guys,

    I am currently a junior in a BSN program. I have recently looked into becoming a nurse in either the Navy or Air Force because I want to serve my country, travel, benefit from all the benefits of joining the military, etc. I just really want some advice from people who have experienced life as both a Civilian nurse and as a Navy or Air Force nurse! Which did you prefer, and why? What are the work weeks like for both? I also heard that you will more than likely be put on a med-surg floor starting out (your first year as an RN) in the military. Is that true everywhere, and how long will you be working that floor (because med-surg is sadly, not where I really want to work, but if that's what I have to do, I will suck it up) ? Is the pay about the same in the military as it is in the civilian world? PLEASE give me some insight. Anything would be helpful! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. God bless.

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    Thank you so much, I will look into that! But maybe it's just easier to become a CNA. I don't have to take any classes for that really, so I may just do that. Anyone think this is a better idea?

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    I am a nursing student in my second semester. I really desire to have more experience in the medical field this summer since I could really use it, and since I have never really volunteered or worked in a hospital setting (besides the once a week clinicals we have). I am interested in becoming an LPN and was wondering what all I have to do to become one? Is it true that I HAVE to take a year-long course in order to become an LPN? I am already taking classes now that I'm sure are similar (if not the same) as the ones I would be taking in the LPN program anyway, so is it really necessary for me to have to take a year-long course? I just want to know how feasible it will be for me to become an LPN without having to take an LPN course. My friend said she went around an applied to a bunch of places without having taken a course and was able to find a job just like that! Has anyone else heard of someone being able to get a job just like that? If not an LPN, what other jobs would you suggest that I search for if I want to further my nursing education and get some extra experience? I am paying for school and everything else so unfortunately, I can't really spend my time volunteering because I need a job that pays. Any of your comments or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!