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    I am also in my last semester of my program. We started with 83 people in the very beginning, went down to 40 by third semester. Now there is 30 or so who remain from the original class. I see it as bitter sweet, yes scary to lose that many peers... But confident that if I've made it this far there is nothing keeping me from the end.
    I have my first clinical in ICU this morning.... I'm not scared that "I won't know anything" because that's why I'm there, to learn something new. However, if it were my third rotation on the sane floor, yes, I would assume that the nurses on the floor would hold me to higher standards than just linen changes

    You should do fine if you're in the home stretch. Chill out and enjoy the ride

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    dude, nurses here only get started at 21/hour. You're doing better than our cna's who only rake in 13 avg....

    im 26 and have a 3 year old son as well. fortunately i am in my final semester of my AS program, and yes the past 3 years have been hell with courts and school... Only God dragged me through that trench, but I'm almost out! I realized when he was born that i needed something stable because my decade of restaurant BS wasn't going to cut it... you can find an accelerated program like you said, and once you're done you'll have more options.
    Thats what im holding on to for now... I don't want to just stay with my AS RN, but for now I have to start putting bread on the table.
    ~ I always wonder how different it would have been to start this process before i had my kiddo... but then i realize i probably would have never gotten my sh*t together if it weren't for him...
    bitter sweet...
    hang in there and follow your gut.

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    yea you might wanna chill out on the text-sarcasm. . . you're terrible at it.


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    the pass rates of FHCHS is hanging at 85%, whereas SCC (seminole community college) and VCC (valencia) are at 94 (v) and 98 (s).

    If I could go back 2 years and save myself the headache, I would choose SCC. They have the absolute knowledge based program. Their students are pushed effectively enough to be challenged, yet understand the information in a consistent build-upon manner. - FHCHS has become the worst program around. 90% of everything is self-taught via online pre-recorded lectures, and excessive reading from 1 book which they never test on. There is no pharmacology class in the ASN program, and that is expected to be self taught as well. It is intense only because of the way it's set up. Thats why our passing rate sucks compared to other schools... we are paying for a private school level of education, yet receiving a crappy online-classroom type situation.

    I dont mean to burst your bubble. It is a beautiful campus, and being connected to the hospital via shared parking, one would think that upon completion of the program that a job with said hospital would be waiting.... NOT THE CASE. The college is no longer associated with the hospital in such a manner. Not the same company, even though it sports the name "Florida Hospital College". There have been 4.0 GPA grads who have had to wait 6 months before getting a job offer, and many of those times, it is not even florida hospital who hires them.
    Please save your money, go to SCC and get a much better nursing school experience. - if you are SDA and like the college because of that, then that is the only thing that makes it stand apart from cheaper and better educations at other colleges down the road.
    Good Luck~

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    Quote from Seriously
    Please, Do not attend this colleges nursing program. Florida Hospital College of Health Science has a 24% graduation rate according to While your applying for financial aid, you will see for yourself that 70% of the students transfer out of this college and its programs. I am a 3rd semester nursing student and have had to take classes over because the college determines if you are ready to go on to the next semester not your grades. If your not seven day adventist, your in for hell at this college. I had 82 students in my first semester and at the end of the semester 55 were left. At the end of second semester 38 were left. THERE ARE 5 semesters and the college profited from all those students who transfer out. They are NOT AFFILIATED WITH FLORIDA HOSPITAL and THEY WILL NOT GET YOU A JOB WHEN YOU GRADUATE! I know people who have graduated the program and did not get a job until 6 months after there NCLEX and are working at other hospitals in Orlando. I am in this colleges nursing program and do not want other students to suffer the way I did. Go to UCF or another college with a nursing program because you need to maintain an 82 or higher throughout the entire program or your out! Good luck and you have been informed truthfully.

    Seriously.... I'm in my last semester of the AS program now. I attended the college for almost all of the pre-reqs which took a year before i began the program August 2009. I went from loving it to absolutely despising the manipulation and out right theft that goes on by administration. The matriculation fee used to be 120, once a year... which "paid for printing" and we were allowed to print free. Since then, the matric fee has inflated to 300 every trimester, and we are now charged 10 cents per side of a page for printing... that is just the tip of the ice burg. We were also told that we HAD to buy this "awesome" laptop that was "pre-loaded with $1000 worth of nursing software" that we would be supposedly using throughout the program. They charged us 1500 for a Dell CrapTop and further stated if we did not buy this then we couldnt get into the program.... Also they made us buy a $1000 box of text books that was going to be our entire collection... again, we had to buy this before we could attend class... Over every semester we only used one book out of that box of 12, and were also forced to buy additional text books each semester which racked up at least 300 per semester...
    The financial aid office also completely screwed my entire class by regretting to inform any of us that during the last year of the program, our student loans get "pro-rated"... i still have yet to understand what that means. But basically, even though I signed up to take out the max amount each semester, since fall I have not recieved enough grants or loans to cover tuiton let alone any living expenses. ... I am a single mom, and that kind of "surprise" almost landed me and my toddler in a homeless shelter.
    They do not care about the students personal situations, no matter how serious. I had a classmate who's mom was DYING of cancer, and he had to leave early one day to get to her... they refused to let him make up the exam.
    I do believe in God, and their prayers in class are welcomed, but if they don't mingle with you in church on saturday morning, then forget it. They play favorites all the time and grant special priviledges to the SDA students on many occasions.
    If I werent on the home stretch of the program and up to my EYE BALLS in debt, I would leave in a heart beat. It only got worse the longer Ive been here... I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone I remotely cared about.