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    Quote from Jeanette73
    I have applied to many out of state hospitals and have yet to get a call back (and I've followed up, made calls etc.) I don't want to pay to be licensed in many different states, since I only need one job, but on most applications there's a pre-screen, and if you don't have current state licensure they're not interested. Maybe some areas of the country (not sure where) they're so desperate for new grads they'll import them from elsewhere, but most states seem to prefer hiring their own residents first. Maybe, if you can arrange it, it would be a good idea to take a trip out to Texas and make a round of hospitals, applying in person. I think showing up in person would show them your commitment to moving to Texas.
    These are some great suggestions, thanks a lot. I'll definitely try to get my TX license ASAP.

    Best of luck to your job search.

    Quote from TheCommuter
    Everyone and their mama has been relocating to Texas over the past couple of years, and many of these new Texans are nurses. As a result, the major metro areas of Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) are very saturated with too many nurses and not enough jobs for everyone who wants employment.

    Things might change in a few years, but this may be wishful thinking.
    Agreed that such thinking is wishful with the current economic climate, healthcare overhaul, and rising debt. But that's for another thread, right? I'm especially interested in the current outlook as I do fear it will be *at least* this bad when I graduate.

    Thanks for all of your replies! If anyone has some other tips please feel free to share.

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    How likely is it for new grads to get internship/orientation spots from out-of-state? I know they're difficult to get even for in-state applicants, but is it impossible for those outside of Texas? I live in the midwest and very much want to relocate to TX after I graduate. I still have two years left before I graduate with my BSN, but just want to get an idea of what the current climate is like for out-of-state graduates.

    I was considering transferring to another BSN program in TX, but apparently this is next to impossible to do. Thanks for any input!