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    i'm 22 (just turned 22 last month ) :hatparty: i have been an lpn since i was 19 and i graduate with my rn in 3 weeks!!

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    Quote from lgflamini
    Lisa, are you in a LPN-RN bridge program? Maybe that's why your fellow students are talking about the money. Let's face it- a $10/hr pay increase is reason enough to go from LPN to RN.

    I don't understand why people knock the young ones who are actually in school, and making very wise career choices. At least they're not hanging around their parents' basements doing nothing, or out committing crimes, etc. How many of us have had other degrees, other careers, and later chose to go to nursing school? At least they're getting it right the first time. I say more power to them, no matter their reason for choosing nursing.
    I am 21 years old and I have been an LPN for 2 years. I graduate with my RN in December and plan to go on into another bridge program in January. Yes, I am in nursing for money because I am a single mom but obviously I am in it for caring. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a little kid. I love learning new things (which in nursing is all of the time) and I genuinely love taking care of people. THANK YOU lgflamini!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU backing "younger nurses" like me up. There are not many nurses like you in places I have worked at. ALMOST ALL OF MY FRIENDS are still in college and partying or chillin' at home doing nothing but maybe flippin' burgers. I find it hard to get respect from some nurses because they think I am stupid and incompetent. (Is it maybe because they have a kid my age that is??? hmmm....) I get tired of being called "little girl" and "kiddo" or being asked my age or told "I didn't know they let young people like you be nurses". Yes, someone actually said that! Why do people complain about the nursing shortage and then act harshly to new young nurses? Instead of being judgemental how about respecting us as peers and professionals? You know the average age of a nurse is like 40-something and only like 10% of nurses are under 30! I am one of the few!! Times have changed and everything costs! Yeah we are going to compare how much the pay is- I am not busting my bootie somewhere making a few bucks less than somewhere else where I can make more and bust my bootie just the same! We want money- yeah, but if we didn't care about taking care of people we would go into school for something that really pays like law or business!!