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    [QUOTE=Julielpn]My beautiful 18 year old daughter signed up for the military and is leaving Tuesday for boot camp.
    She is the one I am very close to and who has kept me sane throughout the years. I love her more than anything and I am going to miss her terribly.
    My heart is already breaking and I can't cry another tear....
    This pain is almost unbearable to let her go.
    I know I have to, but it is so very hard.......
    Life is hard.....too hard.....

    Amanda~ I love you so very much and will always be with you! [/QUOTE

    My heart goes out to you. I have an 18yo niece who is joining the Army reserves and is leaving for boot camp this week as well. I wanted so to encourage her to consider other paths and I did write to her, but she has her dreams. I do not want her to go to Iraq. Last Friday I heard a story on NationalPublicRadio about a Major Stacy Garrity in southern Iraq who worked in a prison. It was a beautiful story and made me feel a bit better about my niece and what may lie ahead for her. Check out the story on put in keywords Iraq, Garrity. take care dear mother.

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    Does anyone know of any CEU workshops for NICU nurses happening in Chicago the week of July 19 or July 26? I may be visitiing family and would like to extend my visit, by adding on a few days of CEU classes. Hope someone can respond without it seeming like they are advertising since that is not allowed. Or, if you know of the free nursing newspaper for Illinois share the name with me and I will check on-line. thanks a lot.

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    Quote from marnie
    Hello all you experienced NICU nurses! I'm looking for some advice...I worked for a year on a med/surg unit (and didn't really care for it!), then took four years off. Now I want to return to nursing, but not caring for adults! I loved the NICU when I was in school, and I would really like to work in that area. A nurse recruiter told me to take a refresher course before applying for any jobs, but after reading some of the posts here, it sounds like that wouldn't be of any help. Wouldn't a refresher course be geared towards med/surg? Does anyone have any advice about how I can prepare to work in the NICU? Do I have any chance with my background?

    Hi--I have worked NICU for years. I was trained by the hospital I was working in--because its NICU was growing and they needed new staff. That was 20+ years ago. Now they occasionally have training programs which last for several weeks and include lots of classroom lecture and clinical with a preceptor. We get nurses from med/surg, or ICU, or psych, psotpartum who want to make a change in their specialty and sometimes nurses from outside the hospital who have worked in other specialties. Do you have your BSN already? If not and you were to return to school for your BSN, usually you do a senior clinical in which you pick a specialty you want to work in. then you get weeks of preceptorship in a unit--hopefully a unit which will hire you (probably onto night shift) after you are done with your training. Check out the local free Nursing newspaper for your state. In California, it is called Nurseweek and employers list jobs in it. If a hospital is expanding their NICU--and moving from a level 2 to a level 3 NICU--they might have a training program happening as well. Good luck.

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    Quote from zoeboboey
    If you weren't a nurse, what would you be? Money no object of course

    It depends on the day what I have thought of doing other than nursing, but being a preschool teacher has crossed my mind/heart. Also, physical therapist or occupational therapist or special ed teacher. I need to spend sometime meditating on this--may really find a new path to follow.