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    I would do 34521. I would do impaired skin integrity first b/c pressure ulcers can change quickly. If not I would do 4 first. I always do my risk fors last because they are not a current problem. In this case I would put my risk for falls before the risk of infection because of all the reasons this person is at risk for falls. Other people may have different opinions and different reasons for those but that is how I would do it. I am still a nursing student too though so take it fwiw!

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    Is the order it is in, what you are thinking or is it a random order?

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    Quote from brandy1017
    Apparently its not a highly valued position so I would think twice about spending the money? Do you really want to move to TX? It's hot and dry and they have droughts and fires down there lately.

    If they won't spend the money for your travel expenses is it worth it? Usually for management positions you expect travel reimbursement!
    Maybe you should read a little slower.

    And Texas is a great place to be!

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    You don't have to take another mess of general classes. I have a BS in another major and decided to go back and get a BSN 2 years later. I only took a few pre req classes, nutrition, a&p, micro, patho and then I was able to get into the 2 yr. program.

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    Sorry that happened to you. It is hard to remember to put on gloves when you are working with a clean plastic mannequin on top of being nervous already. It's one of those things you obviously wouldn't forget if you were working on a real ostomy!

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    What DUMB***! I agree that people want to go to a doctor rather than a nurse sometimes. But the point he is trying to make about nurses are only nurses because they couldn't get into medical school, give me a break! Thats like asking a football player why he didn't want to become a basketball player. Doctors and nurses are two different respectable careers! I never have wanted to become a doctor, spend so many years in school and then have no life outside of my work! Very insulting to nurses, I wish this was a more recent article that would let you post comments or email him, because I have some words for him. There is plenty more in that article to comment on but I'm done typing.

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    They are admitting their second class of BSN students this fall. Here is a link for more info if anyone is interested. Applications are due soon.

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    I already had a BS so when I went back I was not eligible for any pell grants that do not have to be paid back . I have to take out federal student loans and try to find scholarships (which I haven't been able to find any). GL

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    They do have a nursing program starting in Jan 2011. The next time they will admit will be for the Jan 2012 semester and then every semester after that. They are not yet accredited but they will be.