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    Quote from Dr. Yell
    Hello Lady Bug,

    I do not know where you are geographically; however, I have a wonderful way you can donate these older scrubs, FYI for anyone looking to donate scrubs. I currently organize student hearing healthcare missions in Africa. We went last year, myself another doctor and 4 of my students. We are going again this year at the end of Feb. The area where we work, within the Nyumbani Children's Home and the Nyumbani Village (, is very hot and often very dusty. We are in desperate need for scrubs. What we did last year was we wore old used scrubs, then before we left we gave them to the Kenyan medical aid workers and nurses that were there working with the kids. The nurses that treat these kids day in and day out are angels. They were so happy to recieve new scrubs (even if in our minds they were older and used). All of the children are either infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The workers really needed the scrubs, and the red soil in Kitui, Kenya would have ruined the scrubs that we normally wear to work.

    If you still have those old scrubs or know anyone who wants to donate them for a tax deduction, PLEASE email me! I am located in PA.

    We are very grateful for anyone who wants to donate!
    Yell Inverso, Au.D., Ph.D.
    Hi, I have over 50 pairs of scrubs all different colors that I would like to donate to the nurses at the Nyumbani Children's home. Would love to know how I can do so. I would appreciate it if you could get back to me with details.