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    Thank you Esme12 for your reply! I appreciate your insight and will keep that in mind!

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    FiveofPeep: Yes, POD 0 means Post op day 0 (same day as operation) and REDDOG RN: Wikipedia describes banding pretty well:
    "Banding is a medical procedure which uses elastic bands for constriction. Banding may be used to tie off blood vessels in order to stop bleeding, as in the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices.[1] The band restricts blood flow to the ligated tissue, so that it eventually dies and sloughs away from the supporting tissue. This same principle underlies banding as treatment for hemorrhoids.[2]"

    Five of Peep: Good point. I will do that in the future. My preceptor came and looked at my IV's and didn't say anything (I'm a 4th year nursing student finishing in a week), but I have been awake wondering about it...I know the meds are compatible, but I want to have best practice, and worried that with a Pantoloc infusion, if running another med was OK. I didn't find anything that says it isn't in my med guides or facility policies prior to hanging the med...but I have that pit-of-my-stomach feeling that maybe it wasn't the BEST way to administer the med...

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    I wanted to pick all you senior nurses brains on this one...

    Have a patient with esophageal varices, POD O for banding of the same.

    Has a running octreotide infusion, pantoloc infusion (Y'd to NS with 40K).

    Patient needs Gravol stat as is dry-heaving from you give it IV though the Y port on the running pantoloc infusion as is compatible?

    Thanks for you thoughts...