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    Hey Snguy! I will be attending the Accepted Students day in March. I will be in the Accelerated BSN/MSN program in Forensic Nursing. I will be shipping my car and stuff out to Charm City at the end of April. I also bought my one way ticket for 5/4. When we arrive...we go to pick up our cars and try to settle in. I think it is awesome to know there are many of us Cali people making the move to Baltimore around the same time...with our dogs too! lol. I am concerned about the floor plans...they seem a little odd. I hope my furniture fits. Kudos to all of you driving all the way bf and I thought about it, but then decided not to. Is anyone else in So. Cal? I think it would be cool to meet up before we go.

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    Thank you for all of the info Snguy!!!! I was a little worried about relocating from LA to Baltimore and trying to land a place without even knowing what neighborhood offers what. I have been getting mixed reviews about Baltimore, but I think you laid it out very clearly to show what options we have out there. I can't wait to see what these building and neighborhoods look like come March 4th! Thanks again!!!

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    Hey everyone!!! They are calling!!! I got my call 220 this afternoon pacific time. I am in for the ABSN MSN Forensic CNS. Good luck to those still waiting!

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    Hey Everyone! I feel the same way! I am so anxious!!!! Oh well, another day with our fingers crossed.