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    I'm in the same situation you're in stephy. i have been a full time RN case manager for a hospice company for almost 3 months now that over utilizes nurses. Right now my case load is around 20-25 patients. That does not include when a patient needs an initial evaluation, CC visits, emergency visits (which is not in my caseload. They just so happen that they don't have another RN around the area.), and, admission. To top it off the DON had the nerve to tell me that some RNs take case loads of 15 patients per day( almost died laughing). I had to tell the DON that she can find another full time RN who can do that case load they were assigning me. This hospice company that i'm working with Right now have NO regards toward quality of care to patients. It's just all about the money.

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    I passedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! Only did the pvt trick once but got the good pop didnt want to do it again coz i kinda felt that i might jinx it.. Couldnt sleep for 2 days.. Thought i failed. But after 2 days i saw my name in the bon ca. Thank god i finally passed!!

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    just got done with my nclex. did the pvt trick and it had the good pop up.. im really skeptical about this since i answered till the last question at 265. wonder if anyone failed even though their pop up is good?