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    Hello, I have moved from New York to London for exploring my nursing skills and knowledge, but I feel like I am de-graded myself. I work at a neurological hospital in London. It is so hard to educate nurses to teach our level of nursing knowledge ( US). I was CCRN, CNRN and palliative care NP in New York. I am still same but my education, knowledge, skills are not useful in here. I try to bring the level of nursing standard up in the ward, but they do not want to change. I feel so sorry for patients and few nurses who are from other countires. I got to stay here because I married, and I am giving up to bring the level of nursing standard up. It may be impossible to change it because Uk nursing standard behind than US, Australian, Canadan nursing standards. if anyone know, American nurses meeting group in London, let me know, Thanks