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    hi, i have a question. will the incomplete vaccination(i was not given MMR shot and will come back after a month) affect the release of the visa? i'm scheduled for interview in a about a week's time.

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    anybody out there whose interview was rescheduled? how long did it take to get another interview? i was supposed to be interviewed last nov2 2005 but rescheduled it to complete my documents. have writtten the us embassy some 7 weeks ago that I've already got the necessary documents but until now I'm still waiting for that interview.

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Read that posting closely from Shusterman.........It is talking about the H-2B visas..........this is a temporary visa, not a permanent one. And many come with stipulations that they cannot be renewed..........It is not speaking of green cards..............BIG DIFFERENCE! Any of the H-_ visas are only temorary work visas.........Be aware that if you accept one and do not liek the facility where you are at, you will have only x number of days to find another sponsor or you will have to leave the US. Second thing is that hospitals and agencies are not required to pay the same wages to the temporary employees, only permanent residents......So please be very areful with this, if you choose it. My suggestion is to wait until the retrogression is lifted and do things properly. But it is your choice.

    They still have the same requirements as that of a green card, and you must have the Visa Screen Certificate in hand before your documents can be processed.
    this one's a good news...

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    Quote from Rep
    Thanks again.

    I hope the US Congress will immediately act on it.

    From where are you? I hope you don't mind me asking.
    I'm from Manila and still waiting for the I140 which was filed on NSC(now the slowest processing center) to be approved.

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    Quote from Rep
    Thank you for the link!
    rep, one good representative has just submitted a bill.

    Bill targets RN visa processing problem
    January 05, 2005

    To help relieve the nation's nursing shortage, Rep. Tom Lantos, D-CA, yesterday introduced an AHA-supported bill that would allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to reassign to qualified nurses from the Philippines, India and China unused worker visas allotted to other countries. The State Department recently announced it would no longer issue employment-based visas for workers in countries that have exceeded their annual quota for green cards, currently the Philippines, India and China. Lantos said his Health Improvement and Professionals Act would ensure that "we are putting to full use the number of workers' visas currently allowed by law, in order to fulfill a crucial and exponentially increasing health care worker shortage." For more on the bill, H.R. 139, visit

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    Quote from prasin236
    Hi Suzanne

    U really seem to ease us troubled souls from india china n philipines.
    Just as u said I hope things change for the better pretty soon.
    I feel at least those of us who have cleared all hurdles n reached the interview should stand a chance.
    Well God understands better n hope there will be asilver lining to this cloud!
    And till then u r there around!
    Hope that aha's voice be heard by the congress or the senate.

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    Quote from Rep
    I am still here. But with the recent development in immigrant visas rules, I doubt I will be in the US by 2005. I am hoping I will not be affected by this.

    When I posted my post above, I was not yet aware of the new visa rule. Sad indeed.
    rep, you may refer to this link for additional info
    keep your hopes high.

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    hello there! i'm one of the many nurses here in the phils. who dream to migrate in the land of milk and honey. i just passed the cgfns and ielts. i have yet to apply for the visascreen. could you pls. tell me something about the people, weather and quality of living in albany? i applied for an agency here and was told that i would be assigned in albany? not too keen on pursuing though because i have heard that the cost of living in new york is high. i'm on the lookout for another agency. have you applied thru agency? it's so good to hear that a lot of our "kababayans" are doing well there.