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  • Oct 23 '17

    I recently started ECCO and got an e-mail from the AACN that they are revamping the course starting Nov. 9th. Supposedly they are adding rationales to the tests for correct/incorrect answers and they are reducing the amount of select all that apply questions to 20%. They also are taking out quizzes after every assignment. Hopefully they have listened to all of this feedback and the new content will be better than before.

  • Aug 22 '17

    Just because I have the time to pursue both doesn't mean that I should stay in school longer to get a degree that I don't see myself using. The reason I want to pursue AGACNP as my primary degree is because I have no desire at all for FNP (no babies or kiddos for me please!) , plus I know myself and my end goal is direct, in-patient care and from what I can tell an AGACNP degree is the best option for preparing me for that path.

    There's a multitude of reasons why one might consider leaving the military. FNPs in the Navy have HEAVY clinic hours and that's not at all something I want to be doing for the next 15+ years.

    Thank you for your input!

  • Aug 21 '17

    shibaowner - I have been interested in their program as well! How did you like it? I can only imagine the stress of having to find your own preceptor, so the fact that they find them for you was probably a huge plus.

    Were your "online" classes streamed lectures from the live class? That would be a good trade-off. I am just afraid of learning via power point slides :/