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    Quote from kika72
    Thank you so much for your reply politics99!
    I think you're right because I read the same thing somewhere else. I took chemistry in high school but I don't remember much and it was a few years back. So I'll probably wait and take A&P next semester!

    Thank you and congrats for getting in!!!
    You might want to check out how your A&P course is structured at your college because you might be able take chemistry concurrently with the first semester of A&P. For my A&P, most of the chemistry stuff like blood buffers and ion gradients are in the 2nd semester.

    But the safest route would to take Chemistry before hand since its been a while since you've seen the material.

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    Quote from kika72
    Hello everyone!

    I have a quick question: I'm trying to decide which classes to take in the spring semester at the college of nursing and so far I have registered for Chemistry, A&P, Statistic I and Nutrition & Health. I need some advice on this combination since I think I have read somewhere that it is better to take Chemistry first and then A&P the following this true?

    I need advice from all of you who already took the prereqs!! I'm a regular traditional BSN student and I don't have a previous bachelor so I have no idea about the science classes etc. I have already took all my sociology electives, lib. art electives, foreign language and writing classes.

    All your help is greatly appreciated!!!

    My school actually required chemistry to be completed before taking A&P. I'd recommend taking chemistry before because when you're studying the different systems like renal or digestive you talk a lot about ion gradients and how they change. I think if you weren't well versed in chemistry you might struggle at certain areas. If you took AP Chem or regular chem in high school and had a thorough understanding you'd be fine.

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    I just received my acceptance letter today. It was mailed out Nov 18. I applied Oct 31 right before their deadline so my application was processed really fast.

    I'm not sure I'm going to attend. I would have to relocate from CA in less than 2 months and the tuition is so expensive. The clinical locations looks awesome though.