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    No need. They never go in there.

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    Say 'Hello' to my little friends.

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    Have a green Saint Patrick's Day!

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    You never know what's on the other side of the rainbow.

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    Keep Calm And Love Leprechauns

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    (toon here)


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    The needle was big...

    I only cried once.

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    I'm going to pee on you if you stab me with that needle!!!!!

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    Nurses be like ... THIS WON'T HURT A BIT.

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    Trust me it will not hurt...

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    You no longer have a gag reflex.

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    Holy Kleenex, Batman! It was right under our nose and we blew it!

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    As I lay in the medical bay an alarm blared, causing my vitals to rise. I was in shock. I couldn't move any limb. My heart and the alarm beat in unison. I felt adrenaline flowing through my veins, heightening my senses. The sensation numbed my body. I feared the worst has occurred. I heard the sounds of life support systems powering down and the sustained beep of flat lining heart-monitors. I thought to myself for a moment and then managed to make three words come out of me, "What is happening?"

    I watched as a slippery shadow slithered its way toward me. I watched in fear as it loomed over me and in a split second I saw the steel blade of a knife strike down on my abdomen. My heart raced as I managed to push the shadow away. I pried the knife from my body and blood followed it out like a ruby-red geyser erupting. I rolled off of my medical cot and slammed into the floor. My blood formed a puddle on the white linoleum. I convulsed twice and then thought, " Is this the end?"

    I heard the crackle of electricity and then looked up at the shadow. The shadow jolted and then collapsed. A trail of dense black smoke followed it down. The putrid smell of burnt flesh filled the med-bay. I scanned the area to find where that beam of plasma originated. I saw a woman carrying an EPG (Electrical Pulse Gun).

    She pulled me to my feet and asked, "Can you walk?" I replied with a negative shake of my head. She threw my arm over her shoulder and dragged me out of the med-bay and into the armory. She placed me on a bench and handed me a med-foam canister. I sprayed my wound and let the foam take effect. The woman then passed me a Trans-Kevlar body suit and a MTP (Multiple Targets Pistol). I put the suit on and slipped on a pair of combat boots. I loaded my MTP and put it in its holster.

    "My name is Marlene," the woman stated. Marlene was a strong but stubborn woman. She found herself in the most dangerous of predicaments with mostly everyone against her. She looked like she hasn't cut her hair for years; it looked to me more than two feet long. She was a trained specialist in almost every field except the one for loyalty. She went rogue a couple of months ago. Judging by her emblem she was a Lt. Colonel. Why she came to save me is a mystery.

    "Pleasure to be your acquaintance I'm Jacob," I uttered. I was just like Marlene both in skill and personality. We were both checked off as M.I.A. Nobody knew who we were but the Chief Commander who knew everything about everything. We were what you would call mercenaries but I called us soldiers of fortune. I always thought that I was special but apparently not enough to be evacuated from this soon to be ground-zero.

    I felt my body rehabilitating itself and I felt vigorous. We stepped out of the armory ready for the worst. We entered a long white hallway that was as bright as a Christmas tree. Three shadows slipped in through the walls. I lifted my MTP and placed my finger on the trigger. The shadows flung themselves at us. The sound of electricity and gunshots sounded off.

    Three thumps rang out and each shadow landed in the same formation. I finally decided to observe the shadows' bodies. I could not identify them as terrestrial or extra-terrestrial beings and I have encountered everything. I kicked the bodies and walked away. Marlene stared at me in dismay.

    The exit from the base was five feet away. I sprinted toward it and kicked the heavy door opened, almost shattering my foot.

    Marlene stepped by me and stated, "You could have just opened it with yo-..." She was cut off by a shriek, her shriek. I glanced down and saw Marlene falling to her death, I lunged toward her. My hand grasped her arm and I yanked her up. After I pulled her up I studied the rest of the Earth and I could not believe what I was witnessing.

    "Those shadows are Heaven's holy angels sent here to wipe out humanity. The apocalypse is upon us, " I annunciated.

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    Death has a funny way of getting to people, people like me. When I died I checked all my bags before walking into the pearly gates. I greeted God with a high five. His hearty laugh caused thunder on Earth. Then all of a sudden the air escaped my lungs and a powerful force pulled me.

    I was falling through the clouds back down to Earth. I slammed into the raw ground as a cloud of dirt surrounded me. I heard scratching and moaning. On my face, pebbles? My hands pushed away the dirt and light poured into the earth. I rose up and stood on my feet.

    I started walking. I looked at my body - it was shocking. My skin was a grayish-green stained with mud. My body was torn and missing chunks. In a watery reflection, I see layers of skin dangling from my face. Maggots squirmed all over my body.

    My legs started walking towards a tower just over the horizon. Along the way, I saw others like me ... I saw people shooting them!

    Run! Run! Run! I moved as fast as my body would let me. All I could do is drag my feet, but I kept my distance. People shooting people! What has this world come to?!

    I kept on moving towards the tower because I believed that I would find hope.

    My leg lifted into the air as I hit the ground. I heard feet coming towards me. People surrounded me ... (swoosh) ... the barrel of a gun is suddenly forced into my mouth.

    I tried to cry for help but only moans escaped my mouth. Then I hear more feet, then out of nowhere a gunshot - followed by blood-curdling yelps. The gun fell from my mouth as the holder collapsed.

    I could not stand, but I was able to crawl. Something stopped me though - an uncontrollable hunger. I lost control of my body. I pulled myself next to the collapsed body. My mouth wrapped itself around her beautiful skin and took a mouthful. My head jerked as blood splattered in my face. It was a bloody mess, but my hunger was no more.

    More people like me began to move towards the tower. Why?

    It took days, but I finally made it to the base of the tower. In the courtyard, dead bodies covered the ground like a swarm of locust in a corn field. I crawled to the main entrance as I started feeling the hunger coming back. With no food in sight, my mouth reached down to my leg. I bit down, pulling the skin and muscle off the bone. What am I doing?!

    The main entrance doors flew open. A vial is thrown at me. I picked it up - with my hunger still in effect - I swallowed it. I started to shake violently.

    The doors flew open again. The people came out and pulled me inside.

    "Do you think it will work? Will the zombie change back?", a trembling voice asked.

    "It doesnt matter. This zombie is in bad shape already. She is just a test subject", another voice sounded off.

    My body began to shake again and then my hunger returned. It was more violent than ever. The people saw the hunger in my eyes and without hesitation they put a gun to my head. The gun went off and half my brain was on the ground - killing me instantly.

    For the first time, I felt alive.

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    A soldier's life is everlasting.
    Forever in Spirit.
    They may die.
    Though not in soul.
    Only their physical form shall perish.
    Mother and father.
    Brother and sister.
    Everyone cries for loss.
    Most people fear war.
    Such as I.
    Soldiers embrace it.
    For it is a flaw of humanity.
    Fear no more for soldiers protect us.
    They live through our tales.
    They are perfect heroes.
    They are Veterans.