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  • Mar 23 '16

    Ugh the last two weeks have been CRAP!!! But, some good has come of it. I'll share some good, bad, and ugly.

    This week, I have learned:

    1. Lexapro is a hell of a drug.

    2. My body will crash my brain after 7 days of insomnia, and I will hallucinate by day 10.

    3. My spouse has the patience of a saint.

    4. The kickback of a gun is nowhere near as forceful as it looks.

    5. I'm good at shooting!

    6. I may or may not have a job right now.

    7. I never expected to feel so indifferent regarding my employment status. It feels revealing to me to realize how unattached I feel to it. Maybe my dislike for it has really grown that much.

    8. I feel like the Boy Child has suddenly grown more mature and its freaking me out a little. I know he's in the pre-teen zone, but I'm not ready for this. I find myself checking in on him often and smothering him with mama love just to make sure my boy is still my boy. *sigh* This poor child is stuck with me.

    9. If you tell them to stop building....

    Attachment 21279

    They will.

    Attachment 21280
    Attachment 21281

    (I find this hilarious to an inappropriate degree.)

    10. The A-Hole Dog only likes the dog park if she's on her leash. She also acts like she feels incredibly violated when another dog sniffs her butt.

    11. Go to the following thread. Go to top comments, find on page, type "Robb Stark". Only do this if you are caught up on GOT. Also, only do this if you are not offended by politics, and if you do not plan in any way to come back here and blast me for sharing a comment that compares Trump to Joffrey and Balon Greyjoy.

    Link: Bernie opposing Auto Bailout, delaying Clean Power Plan, supporting Minutemen militia, Koch brothers endorsement, Reagan HIV/AIDS "activism" and today's Sanders healthcare support in the 9s are 6 things Hillary Clinton blatantly lied about in a single freaking week. : politics (Mid-way through comment begins with "The way I see it, Bernie is...")

    12. I like my ellipses with 4 dots, just like I like my lights (THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!!). Farawyn, we can take this outside if you want....

    13. The spouse and I owe so much money in taxes that I can't even. We changed exemptions when we got blasted by state last year. Didn't matter. We owe thousands to federal and the state we live in. As in, we owe thousands to federal and thousands more to state. Can't wait to see how much the state I work in swindled. I swear to the Bearded Commander Riker that we had more money on one crappy income than we have now, with me working, too. Maybe I need to not work during grad school. :\

    14. I am so excited for grad school!!!

    I know I'm forgetting stuff. Boo! I'll remember right after the edit window closes, I'm sure!

    What have you learned?

  • Aug 13 '14

    Have your kids ever accused you of wearing your pj's to work? Well....they are kinda comfortable. Imagine what it was like before scrubs....having to wear white starched uniforms to work. I, for one am glad those are a thing of the past.

  • Aug 5 '14

    Nurses are surrounded by germs all day long. Our handwashing routines are so ingrained in us that we wash our hands until they are sometimes almost raw in an attempt to protect ourselves. Have you ever been accused of going overboard at home in your battle of the bugs?

  • Jul 30 '14

    Many of us enjoy a cup or two or three of coffee. Then you start your shift and oh oh gotta go ... NOW! How do you arrange your breaks? Is it every man for themselves or some sort of schedule? Do you always get your breaks?

  • Jul 26 '14

    TV producers...... What do they know about nurses? I mean REAL NURSES. Obviously not much with the way they portray and minimize the role of nurses on all the the medical shows. It almost makes you want to scream. What are some of the most ridiculous portrayals of nurses you have ever seen?

  • Jul 22 '14

    Ok so as nursing students we learn many different acronyms. Which one has gotten you into trouble? I know when working at a religious based hospital we were not allowed to use SOB we had to say shortness of breath. And of course you never want to ask "where's the COW?" even when you mean computer on wheels.

  • Jul 19 '14

    Ok now let's admit it, we all like a little bit of juicy gossip once in awhile. However, in the workplace it's not appropriate. What's the juiciest bit of gossip you have received? Did you pass it on or keep it to yourself? Have you ever been the subject of gossip?

  • Jul 18 '14

    Nurses walk so many miles during a work day. It's hard on our bodies.....our shoes.......and our wallets. Too bad nursing shoes don't come with prorated warranties like our tires. Have you have those days when you feel like you're competing in a marathon?

  • Jul 7 '14

    We've all seen it. The lousy portrayals of nurses in the media. They think we are all just beautiful women with fabulous bodies in uniforms. Nurses are more than that. We actually do have awesome lead roles in the healthcare industry. Where would healthcare be today without these leading women....and men too???

  • Jul 4 '14

    As a student, you want to be remembered.....for your skills and not your scrubs. Have you ever gotten scrubs that looked fine on the sales rack in the store? Sure they were marked down, but they fit your budget. They were fine.......until you got to the hospital and they really made you stand out......for all the wrong reasons.

  • Jul 3 '14

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  • Jun 30 '14

    We all cringe as we inch towards July 1st. It's the day med students become residents, residents become chief residents and nurses become even more vigilant. Many of us warn our families; don't get sick in July. It's the month of the new doctors. What tips do you use to anticipate orders during July?

  • Jun 29 '14

    We thought once we were out of school we'd be done with drama queens....and kings. But no... We still have to deal with the silly daily dramas at work. What are some of your best drama queen/king stories?

  • Jun 24 '14

    We have all had our moments with irate providers. The physician who is upset because an ordered test wasn't done in the time frame ordered, a med missed or the NP upset when a consult was delayed. Frustration with the healthcare system is not new. However with the added emphasis on horizontal violence in the workplace, what have you done to defuse a potentially volatile situation? Did you rely on something you learned in an in-service? Or, are you a natural diplomat?

  • Jun 22 '14

    We listen to our hearts and guts when it comes to assessing patients. It takes skill, experience and knowledge to 'listen' to patients. What kind of listening do you do? It's probably different with different patients.