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  • Sep 16 '12

    Quote from samoansundevil
    I am a male student, graduating this Fall from a BSN program. My OB rotation was by far my favorite, and the difference maker was my first preceptor. She told me on my first day, "If you give the patient an opportunity to feel awkward or uncomfortable, they will run with it. Just walk in there, introduce yourself as Randall, their nurse for the day, you rid yourself of 99% of those awkward situations. Thereafter, if someone has an issue, they let you know, no harm done. You are just as capable of providing competent care on this unit, even if you don't have a vajayjay" excuse my language, but that was a direct quote! I will be commissioning as an officer in the AF to work in OB, and that preceptor played a crucial role in my decision, even wrote one of my letters of recommendation!

    I apologize for the long-winded answer, but I couldn't be more excited to jump into this field, and I encourage any of you to do the same. There are women I've talked to, or my wife has spoken with , that find my interest in OB strange, but who cares?! I know my intentions, and I won't let them stop me from getting my PhD and becoming an expert in my field.
    What a great post! You were fortunate to have such a great preceptor. I hope all goes well for you.

  • Aug 15 '12

    I will graduate this December 2012. I put in for Med/surg! I have been training as well, but by myself for the past month. Pushups are definitely my weakness haha. I am currently in Arizona and I guess there isn't a Scottsdale Ntp starting up the time we will be going! I am excited for Cincinnati though. Do you know where you will be stationed after NTP? I think there is a thread on this forum for books to read as a military nurse/officer too if you are interested.

  • Aug 13 '12

    Quote from samoansundevil
    Great recap ^_^ I'm Randall, Alternate #1. I chose OB, I believe they will avoid confusion and chaos if they wait until all status notification letters are out, and possibly until everyone has accpted/declined positions offered before they start talking about alternates. Let's hope that's soon!
    Oh and recruiter told me they only had 10 days to verbally accept/decline their acceptance. So that would be sometime late this week or early next week.

  • Aug 9 '12

    I got the news this morning, but work has been franctic today! I was accepted for Med/surg (yay!). Samoansundevil and I go to school together and I know for sure he deserves to get put in, but our recruiter explained what I feared that they do put many who haven't graduated yet on the Alternate lists and with OB being a smaller pool for acceptances, they take graduated and licensed first.

    I have no doubt yall will get in and it'll just be a matter of time before you get a call! If all goes well we will be going to COT together Hbaum and I think you'd be an awesome friend in the mix! Please keep us updated!!

    Any stats on how many licensed Rn's they took vs still in school? 56 Alternates is a lot if they took 46 already.

  • Aug 8 '12

    Quote from HBaum
    Hey guys, jus thought I'd post. I got put as number 5 on the alternate list.
    That's pretty high on the alternate list. I'm sure you will make it! Congrats!!!

  • Aug 6 '12

    yeah...when i enlisted it took like 7 months for them to complete my first security clearance. my first duty assignment was to Aviano AB, Italy. there were a few of my classmates who were in training with me who got their security clearances earlier than i did...if your first assignment will be in the CONUS your security paperwork won't take as long as it will for those who go overseas. and not that any of you have anything to hide, but try to list good credible witnesses, bc the investigators actually WILL go through and call your references. and one other records of your old phone numbers and address where you lived and friends names who knew you there, bc every 10 years you have to renew your security clearance and you'll need all that info again...every 5 years if you get a Top Secret, 10 years for Secret.

    man you guys really make me smile with all your excited talk about getting your new uniforms and never taking them off and all that! i kinda forgot how exciting it was to get your first uniform and wear it around and check yourself out in mirrors and all that haha!

    not much longer now...breathe everybody...just breathe

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  • Aug 6 '12

    Quote from samoansundevil
    My recruiter told me that the actual clearance and background check is after we find out if we're in. They use FBI investigators and homeland security officers to interview our references and check up on previous residences etc. The rationale he gave me is that they would waste a lot of time and resources doing a full check on every applicant, since its so involved, so this is completed in the fall after selection and notification. This is how he explained it to me, but I know we all have been getting some different info from recruiters
    That's what I was mom is an investigator for the government for those attempting to obtain a clearance and it takes her quite awhile to "complete" the background investigator work before the info is submitted back....I dunno....I'm just nervous about getting in...the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I had a great essay, resume and excellent sources for my LORs

  • Aug 6 '12

    Quote from tngonzales87

    AHHHH! i feel the same way! We will look AWESOME! Hopefully we have only 4 more days!!!!!!!!
    Omgosh I know! I wanna buy tshirts with AF on it, and get a bumper sticker and all of the fun stuff

  • Jul 27 '12

    Hey it late August yet??

  • Jul 27 '12

    Quote from SLC2012
    Is that newly released information? We've all seen varying numbers and I'm just curious as to if your recruiter gave any indication on if that is the official number we've been waiting for?
    That's the official number of slots for NTP nationwide! While my recruiter said he estimated roughly 84 applicants nationwide, another said 110. It still gives us a good shot at acceptance