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    In your experience, does a doctor need to specify in a discharge order whether to remove an IV line or telemetry? I always removed it unless specified otherwise, and have only discharged a patient once with an IV line in on purpose due to the patient receiving a home health infusion later that day. It was specified in the order to leave it in.

    Are there any articles referencing this practice? Are there any legal implications if the doctor did not put "remove IV line/telemetry" in the discharge order?


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    I am currently SANE trained and I want to take the certification test in April. I have done a few cases and want to be credentialed. I am having trouble finding a great study resource for the exam. My supervisor recently took the exam and missed it by a few questions and she studied our classroom materials plus the SANE scope of practice book.

    Do we have any SANE-A certified nurses who can tell me what materials they used to study? I'm about to sign up with the IAFN but their website isn't super clear on the best resources to study for the examination.

    Please help! Thanks!

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    Well the title was for nurses who were bikini fitness competitors. I suppose it could be taken either way. Hmm I seem to have found the "weird" section of allnurses. I feel like I clicked a wrong link on youtube.

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    haha you guys are funny! I'm glad I'm on night shift though, makes it so I can work out during the shift!

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    Hi Nurses!!

    Are any of you bikini competitors & work 12's rotating day/nights. I am trying to find a good meal plan + work out routine and how you still have energy for everything. I want my first show to be in November!! Thank you in advance,


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    Hey nurses,

    I just need to vent a little. I'm not sure why this medication error is hitting me so hard as it isn't the first I've made and definitely not the last. I have never made the same type of error twice and this is no exception. I think I may be frustrated because of how the doctor belittled me for the error as if I were incompetent.

    Here's the story:

    My patient had a home medication for metoprolol in her room. Per our policy patients cannot take their medications. I looked on the Mar and there was no order. This being night shift I called the on physician twice with no answer so I then called the attending. The attending gave me a verbal order for the medication, I proceeded to put the order into the mar. I give the med.

    Three hours later:
    pharmacy calls me and states, " the med ordered is not the same as the pt takes at home. " What?? I re look at the mar then look at the med rec...I had put in the wrong drug. The same dosage and frequency but the Medication was a different form of metoprolol. I about cried. I got my big girl panties on and assessed the patient. She was fine her bp was good and she said she felt normal. I called the on call doctor...

    He asked me in probably the rudest tone you could muster, "SSo you thought it was okay to call me at 1130 at night to ask me about a blood pressure medication?"

    Well no...i am calling about the error.

    "You just aren't getting it, I find it odd you don't understand why it isn't okay to call someone who is sleeping about a blood pressure medication."

    Erm...The patient is stable and I read off her vitals.

    He just kept asking me why I called him. Eventually I gave up trying to explain what happened and stated it was a medication error between these two medications the patient is fine and because I called you I get to write in my note and incident report that you were informed.


    Damned if you do, damned if You dont. I just wish it hadn't of happened and glad I am able to learn from my mistake. Thanks for your continued support in my sanity

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    Just so you know it is illegal for employers to discriminate against genetic information.

    Genetic Discrimination

    Also, Gov. Brewer vetoed the Arizona "discrimination" bill.

    Personally, people should be able to smoke on their own time and employers can just make it so employees may not take breaks to smoke while at work. Just my opinion which holds no weight haha.

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    How are you supposed to perform tasks quicker while still performing them to maintain patient safety? Med errors happen when we are rushed, and then we start cutting corners! I would be up front with the patients about having a lot of tasks to complete with not a lot of time, and the time you do have for them you want to make sure you're performing them appropriately and safely which is why you don't get a lot of bedside time to spend with them. That way when they complain they will say the hospital needs to hire more staff so they can feel safer with their care instead of saying "the nurse never spent time with me and looked rushed"

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    Remember to always ask questions! Don't be afraid to bring another nurse in the room with you to check out a patient if you aren't sure. The patient and the other nurse will respect you more for it & you'll learn something new!

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    A CRNA is supervised by an anesthesiologist, but that doesn't mean the MD has to be in the room with the CRNA the whole time. An RN supervises the work of a CNA, but that doesn't mean the RN has to be in the room every time the CNA is getting vitals. You just have to make sure the LVN followed protocols and documented correctly.

    If it were the way you are describing, they wouldn't even hire LVN's because it would be doubling up resources (might as well only hire RN's) and not saving them any money!

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    I never understand questions about weaknesses and "where will you be in 10 years?" If I were an interviewer I would know these questions are unfair and will almost never yield a truthful (truly) response.

    If I were to answer this question I would say I will come in every day and work very hard, but I am not going to suck up to you/coworkers, I will probably not add you/coworkers on facebook, and I will probably never go out with you/coworkers outside of work.

    I personally don't view this as a weakness, but it sure has given me a lot of flack over the years I've been working.

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    Quote from kemifair
    No english is my first language, it doesn't have anything to do with the school because everyone pass and it's a good school.
    One thing I don't think anyone has asked is if you have a learning disability? Again, not trying to be rude and you do not need to answer this question on this board, but you repeat time and time again that you know the content and English is your first language. The way you present yourself to this forum and the way you type, your "cadence" so to speak, represents someone who may not fully understand the English language. Have you had difficulties learning or test taking before? Anxiety? These are questions you need to ask yourself and get help with if it is so.

    After attempting and not passing the NCLEX 9 times, maybe you need to stop asking this board for prayers and advice, but you need to re-evaluate yourself and what you absolutely need to do in order to pass this test. Responding to sound reasoning with "shut the hell up" is inappropriate as well.

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    Sending passing thoughts your way! I took mine today and got the "good" pop up. You will be a-okay. I feel Kaplan was well worth the $$ and knew pretty much everything on the test (maybe I just got lucky). My heart was pounding out of my chest at the beginning and at question 75 but just take some cleansing breaths if you get nervous in between. Remember your ABC's and maslow. To be honest I didn't use the decision tree much, but I did always make a topic. Every other question was an alternate format for me after question 5 so just build yourself that bridge and stay on top!

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    I have always had trouble with all remembering the specific nitty gritty little instructions for each anti-biotic so I know I need to review those (ex: which ones need to avoid sun - seems like all of them lol).
    The main things to remember with antibiotics:

    1. Do NOT take with foods except cephalosporins and sulfonamides. Cephaplosporins take with MILK!

    2. People on birth control need to use a barrier method.

    3. Check for Penicillin allergy to any -cillin or CEPHALOSPORIN! (cross rx)

    4. Vancomycin: ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity! Also "red man" syndrome from histamine release

    5. Tetracycline: no for breastfeed and children under 8. Photosensitivity

    6. Ciprofloxacin: no for breast feed and under 18.

    7. EDUCATION: Always complete the therapy even if patient feels better!

    Those are my take away "important" nursing facts about antibiotics. I hope it helps!! You're going to be fine, really!

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    Ugh...I have to vent a bit. Just took a Q Bank test and got 58% on it Q Bank average is now down to 66%. And I have yet to do QT 7 cause I am so nervous. My nerves are really getting to me cause I have a dream job on the line (I have to pass the 1st time to keep it) and I just broke down and started weeping in front of my family. I feel so bad with only 4 days to go - still 17 chapters of Saunders to review, plus working on the La Charity book. My stomach is in knots and my heart is heavy. Any thoughts or advice...I wish I had way to magically know this will all turn out okay.
    I am the same way with the hotspot questions. From EVERYONE I have talked to they say the test is almost impossible to study for and I totally agree!! I have tried to retake some of the kaplan questions that I didn't know the first time around and guess what, I still got a lot of them wrong. I just figure if I don't know it, I'm not going to know it. You sound like a very intelligent, critical thinking person. Remember statistics are on our side and we've prepared to the best of our ability!! To be honest I am glad I am taking it sooner than later because I originally had picked a test date in February which made me even MORE anxious and I was glad I could change it to one closer. You'll do amazing! Stress and anxiety are enemy #1.