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    My experience at becoming a nurse at age 48, 3yrs ago, is one of disallusionment. I decided to go into nursing after being with my dad in hospice and really wanted to give the kind of care that was given to him. After struggling through school (LPN) and getting licensed, I've worked in long term care and now for a clinic. Nursing as a job is waaay different than school. What I've found is that being an INSF personality type has made the transition very difficult. Nursing is very much a technical job, one that demands speed and instant response. I'm a reflective person that needs time to assess, weigh options, and connect personally with the patient. I am so caught up in the technical tasks of performing the job, and handling 10 hours of work in 8, at least in LTC, that I can't spend time with the patient.

    If I had had information on what personality type makes a better nurse, I would have chosen social work or pastoral care which I did consider. I firmly believe schools should either test for, or give information, to critically think about our personality and fit within the profession. Of course some people can reconcile the business and the spiritual sides of nursing better than others. I'm not one of them. I need to take a new direction that may not even be in nursing.

    It is a personal decision for you to make. I'd encourage you to seek advice from a social worker or pastor in the healthcare field to better understand what your role may look like. That is what I'm currently doing.

    Hope I've been of help to you...