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    I am applying to the UNR program in Fall for the Spring 2011 start date. The program is supposed to be really good and somewhat accelerated as you go through the Summer. It is 4 semesters - one 15units, two 17units, three 13units and finally four with 12units.

    The classes that count toward your GPA are:
    core math
    chem 121
    chem 220
    bio 223
    bio 224
    bio 251
    hdfs 201
    nutr 223
    nurs 300 (has to be taken at UNR)
    BSE class

    you also have to take
    eng 101 and 102
    ch 201 202 and 203
    psy/ant/soc or wmst 101
    fine arts (3units)
    diversity (3units)
    greneral capstone (3 units -upper division class)

    the second list you have to get a C or better.

    Also, you can have up to 13 units in progress when applying, only one class of which can be a science class. These classes that are in progress will not count toward your GPA as you will be accepted or declined before completing them. You therefore, have to get a C or better in any classes that are in progress. (So I will be taking Chem 220 the semester I am applying as I hate this chem!)

    The way my grades stand now and if I get an A in all classes I have scheduled for the next few semesters (including summer) I will have a 3.75 when I apply, however, if I retake Communications and get an A instead of a B I can raise my GPA to a 3.8ish (I think a little higher). I am not sure if I should retake this class or stick with the 3.75. It has been so competitive lately, that I feel like I don't want to risk not getting in with a 3.75... but at the same time feel like that should definitely be high enough to get me in - any advice?