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    We should be entitled to safety going to school or to an event, why do those that want to harm others to make some point, feel entitled to do so instead?

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    Clearly, you are just asking the opinion of nurses, that is what a "forum" is designed for. I agree that there are probably legalities involved with tampering with food/drink. Even with salt/pepper etc. you never know if someone has an allergy but with laxatives, WOW, that could be a big issue both medically and socially for that person. What if he/she had to put on a presentation or sit through a class?oop:

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    Good luck to you. Just a suggestion, carry a small notebook, write down diagnosis, labs that you're unsure of and when you get home look them up while they are fresh to you. I think it was the best way to learn. Ask questions, but not in front of patients, it might put your preceptor on the spot. Take a deep breathe, a lot. Welcome to nursing!!!!

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    Thanks and good luck

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    You're talking about YOUR career here. No one needs to tell you that it's hard to find jobs period not to mention one that pays like nursing. Take some time to step away from the situation, write her a letter that you never intend on giving just so that you no longer hold onto what you're feeling. You're a nurse,, it's not a job it's a calling! Don't let someone cheat you out of what you're meant to do.

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    You should try to have your record sealed leagally, If you made a immature mistake and have been a solid person since then. You don't need ANY odds stacked against you as a new nurse. It's already hard for new grads.

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    I have a "prior reprimand" on my nursing license. I have paid the fine and completed all required paperwork. Does anyone know how long this stays on the website. I've been told that it is keeping from getting a job. I have called the board but not got a response from them.
    Thanks in advance for any information.