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    Hey yall!

    Just started studying for A&P. I am signed up to take exam for January 31, 2014. I am freaking out!!!! Does anybody live in the Atlanta area who is in my same boat? I am studying from an A&P book by Marieb and I am awaiting the delivery of A&P the easy way. Did I mention I am freaking out?! It's a lot of information. TMI!!!! Words of encouragement are also very, very welcome. Thanks!!!

    Also a big shout out and hug to everybody that posts in this excelsior forum. I wouldn't have had the courage to start this journey without all of yalls advice!



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    Awesome! Congrats Tasha! I just love (and need) to hear these inspiring stories!!

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    I am an LPN and I regret it. I wish that I had put a little more effort into taking all of the prerequisits and get into a RN program (either associates or bachelors). These are my reasons: When I decided to become a nurse I really didn't understand that an LPN and RN were that different. They are different. And bridging from LPN to RN is NOT EASY because finding any bridge program is tough!! Also, the job opportunities and salary are dramatically different. And this next one is going to reflect my own insecurities and perhaps will make me sound shallow.... but.... I am not proud to call myself an LPN "gasp! you are only an LPN! I totally thought you were an RN!!" or "when are you going back for RN."

    Bottom line- Go for the RN. IMHO

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    I work 8-5 mon-fri in an allergy and asthma clinic in atlanta ga. I have been an LPN for 2 years and worked for them for 2 years. Its boring work, but the hours are fabulous and we get all the holidays off. $18 per hour

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    Atlanta, GA , Allergy and asthma clinic for 2 years, and LPN for 2 years. $18 per hour