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    Please DO NOT retake this class!!! I just graduated from RN school just 1 year ago. I took A&P I&II in 1990, and did not retake it and I did just fine in class. Please take my word for it, You will have so much studying for exams, assignments, care plans, headaches and crying to keep you busy for 2 life times!! Please don't add to it by taking an additional class that your school is not requiring you to retake. Study your Med-Surg book, it will have A&P in it for each system. Plus I read that you just took the class a year or 2 ago, just because you didn't make an A, doesn't mean you don't know the material. Just RELAX and take a deep breath, put on your BIG GIRL UNDIES, cause this will be HARD!! But you can do it.

    OH, and get some sleep now cause when school starts you won't get anymore.

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    I have been an LPN for 3.5 yrs and I am now completing my ASN, graduating in December (yay for me!!) I can truly say that both have been extremely hard and both have taken total dedication to complete. In LPN school we completed Med-Surg, A&P, nutrition, Maternity and Pediatrics & Psych and I mean we completed whole text books, all in 12 months. It was a grueling Mon- Fri 8-2:30 schedule. As a RN student we cover the same systems but in more depth, covering more disease processes, assessments, interventions and rationales. The roles of the RN and LPN are slightly different and so the focus of study is different. Neither is harder than the other, they are just different. I chose to complete LPN school first because I needed to start working sooner and there were no pre required courses to take before starting the program. After I graduated from LPN school, I worked for 2 years while taking courses toward my Associated degree.

    Don't call yourself dumb, at least you are smart enough to come to a site like this to get information before just striking out. My LPN instructor used to always say that sometimes the profession of nursing seems to attract those with low self esteem, and that it was her job to show us we were smart and that our voices matter. So maybe nursing is a great career choice for you to join and realize that you are smart and you Matter!!!!

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    What program are you in ?

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    Most of the shifts are 8 hrs 7:30a-4:00p; 3:30p-12:00; 12:00a-8:00a. ( strange? I know) Some departments (3rd floor surgery and ER) have 12 hour shifts 7:30a-8p; 8p-8a.

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    Quote from COCO,decBSN
    Does anyone have any insight on the VA in Memphis, TN pre-employment examination?

    Thanks in Advance!!
    There is no pre-employment examination at VA memphis.

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    I work rotating days, which means I work them all. We have self scheduling but that doesn't mean you always get what you ask for.

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    I put in my application In Aug. 2009. I was called for an interview in Dec 2009. I started in March 2010. I had to really call almost once a week or every other week. I literally was on a first name basis with the nurse recruiter because I kept calling to see where I was in the progress. The applications have to pass through so many hands and be signed by so many people it takes a loonngg time. But that is the federal government for you. If you want speed DO NOT COME!

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    I am a new LPN with no prior experience. I just started @ VA in Memphis on March 28 this year. There was no medication exam at all. I like working there. The pay is not good for a new LPN though because I have no experience in healthcare at all, but that is okay.