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    Quote from nrskarenrn
    florida university, tenet announce accelerated program to train nursesnova southeastern university in ft. lauderdale, fla., and tenet south florida are launching an accelerated nursing program to help alleviate a critical nursing shortage affecting area hospitals.

    south florida sun-sentinel, june 9, 2004
    hurry up, train 'em up, turn 'em out, burn 'em out- rawhide. hospitals still don't get it- and probably never will- it's not just getting a higher number of nurses out there- it's keeping the ones you alreadly have or attracting back the ones who have left- aka improve the working conditions.

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    I keep hearing about Group One in the Texas area. What exactly is it?

    Quote from mattsmom81
    Your post touches on what I was getting at too, and this is how I solved a problem with Group One stuff in my area. I took ownership of what happened, choose to spin the situation myself...I bring it up every interview and show I have grown from it. It took some practice to get comfortable....I did some role play with my hubby to get comfortable prior to the real interviews. Many employers DO appreciate an honest discussion and are willing to give someone a chance to show maturity and honest self evaluation skills..

    It's generally NOT a good idea to badmouth previous employers..except in a few special circumstances where there is a competition and you know the new employer WANTS to hear bad things about your former employer...LOL!

    To the OP: when I ran into negatives on my Group One and found I couldn't really do anything about them, I chose to deal with it head on like described. I initially thought about just leaving nursing too, but am glad I didn't.

    Like the song says "It just showed me how much I can take." We do get stronger from these types of things IF we don't allow it to define us in a negative light. Best wishes to you.

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    Thanks to all for their advice- it's nice to see nurses supporting one another rather than finding fault. I am still hopeful this new job works out- she said I was hired and that my contract was just waiting to be signed by her direct manager. Hopefully I will get a chance here. I am planning on taking some positive steps as far as educating myself- taking a dysrythmia class, planning on taking a critical care course- over the space of the next year. This new job will be in an ICU stepdown environment-which makes me a little nervous. But, the manager has assured me a 6 week orientation, plus she says staff here are very helpful- to quote her- "the only dumb question is one never asked" and "people who do well are the ones who ask questions". I'm hopeful that this will allow me to learn- but not be a trial by fire- as it seems so many areas in nursing are.
    Also- I am getting counseling- this experience has left me shaken- I hate to admit it- but after the last nurse manager and the risk manager got through with me- I doubted my ability to be a good nurse. But I am going to give this 150%- and see where it leads.

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    I would contact the State Board of Nursing where you graduated and find out their recommendations. Also- a lot of hospitals now offer re-entry programs, so after you take your NCLEX, they would offer you a good orientation.
    Good luck and let us know what happens.

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    Thanks to all who have given me such great advice and tried to lift my spirits. I may have found a position here in the area I now live in- where I wouldn't have to drive an hour each way to work. This hospital seems very big on education- the manager who I'm hoping will hire me used to be the education coordinator- so she's very big into educating her staff and answering questions for people without critizing them for not alreadly knowing the answer.

    So I hope all goes well with this. It's just very easy to believe the worst things people say about you sometimes- the real challenge is picking yourself up and not letting them get the best of you.

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    Quote from Susy K
    Past employers don't give negative feedback. Typically when a prospective employer calls a former employer, they verify dates of employment and position. The only "negative" info they can give is a NO to the question on if you are eligible for rehire. And it sounds like you're not, so the former employer is simply being truthful.

    How about not listing those employers on your job apps? Does the time frame allow you to do that and potentially explain that period of time with something else? (moving, new baby, school, personal reasons?)

    Other areas of nursing to consider are ambulatory care centers, insurance, etc. One nurse I knew didn't do well clinically so she immersed herself in academia - and thrives as a pathophys instructor. There are many options.
    Yes- past employeers do give negative information- especially in a small town like this one- they may not do it officially- but they do it. Yes, I could lie on my job apps- but this is a small town and people talk- I don't want to go somewhere- be doing fine- and then get fired for lying on a job application.
    I am currently trying to get on with a hospice here in town, we'll see how it turns out.
    Thanks for the advice and encouragement though.

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    I enjoyed labor and delivery mainly. But there were no L&D jobs avaliable for new grads when I got out. So I choose critical care on the recommendation of my critical care instructor. Like I said- I would like to remain in nursing- but when potential employeers call for my references- all they get is negative information. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks to all who have lent their sympathy to me- it does mean a lot. But I have decided to try and go back to school to learn something else- if I can. Yes, nursing may have different career paths in it- however I can't find a job within any field of nursing it seems. I have looked for a job for over a month, but when potential employeers go to contact my last two employeers- they hear very negative things. I don't know how to combat this negative information in interviews. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks to everyone who has been supportive- your words mean a lot right now. I am going to try and apply for something I never saw myself doing- hospice. They seem very receptive to me- supportive in fact- despite my recent troubles. We'll see if they actually offer me a job after they check with my latest former employeer- after hearing what she has to say though- I'm not going to hold my breath.
    Thanks again to everyone- when I try to talk to my family about this- they just tell me to suck it up- it's nice to have a sympthatic ear!

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    Thank you for your kind words. I'm just so overwhelmed right now- not sure what to do next. I have done hospital nursing only- SICU and ICU stepdown. I was fired by my last employeer after 6 weeks for not meeting their standards- that firing has me doubting my ability to even assess a patient- much less give any kind of quality care. The problem with finding a job is that when potential employeers go to check my references- they hear very negative things about me- and won't give me a chance. Again- thanks for your kind words.

    Quote from NeuroICURN
    {{{{{{{{{{{{ HUG }}}}}}}}}} Sounds like you needed that!

    You don't have to answer this next question.....why were you fired? Perhaps it's a matter of you not being suited for the type of nursing that you were doing, not nursing in general.

    See, that's the wonderful thing about don't like one area, you do another! Perhaps you can work in a Dr's office, or work for an insurance company, or work in a clinic, or some other non-traditional form of nursing.

    Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person's life and it's ok if you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now!

    Don't know if any of that helped, but I gave it a shot!

    Take care,

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    This is my first post, but I have been reading the boards for about 2 months now. I need some advice- I am considering leaving nursing after only being out for 2 years. The reasons I'm considering leaving are numerous. I just don't know if I'm smart enough to be a nurse, and I've been fired from two nursing jobs in a row now- within the space of 3 months. And I can't find another job in the area I'm currently in- after moving accross 3 states to be closer to my family. I'm just so very depressed right now, don't mean to throw myself a pity party. Just wanted to get some suggestions or advice. Thanks

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    Quote from teeituptom
    and if she is guilty then she fully deserves it also

    No Sympathy from me here
    She certainly has my sympathy. Nursing is demanding and depressing- no wonder so many end up abusing drugs. I've only been out for 2 years- but am alrealy investigating other career options.