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    Hi! Anyone here bound for king saud under hop? Is there any gud news to share?thanks!

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    Nov 15, 2010 02:54 AM
    tinkahbel: Hi im sorry i dont know how to reply in your private message im just new in this forum..just send me your fb account so that i could add you and there we could further discuss about sro.

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    I texted one of their staf this day and she told me that she already requested for our visa and ticket yesterday(PARAMEDIC position)I just dont know as well as the ICU Nurses and RT,for three months they did nothing to our papers we really have to follow up our papers to their Staffs in order for them to remind our papers

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    try to call this no.09269051142, or 28564444(Saudi embassy) i just called the sro office this afternoon and told me that they will still have to request for our visa and ticket. it means for 3 months they did nothing to our visa, i feel so disappointed with their system regarding their applicants.

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    try to contact this no.09269051142 its the no.of mam mohany one of their staf and sro and shes the only one who is approachable. I called their office the other day and they told me that are visa for king saud are already there but no flight ticket yet, i just hope there not giving us false reassurance,

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    Quote from tinkahbel
    hi!! i'm one of those assigned at KSMC, Riyadh. Same here, no news from SRO. Have you tried going to SRO to follow up your application? or do you have any contacts at SRO? I would like to go there personally but I doubt if I will be entertained, you know how sro works. And I am from the province, about 6hrs bus ride away.

    I guess, there are four of us in this forum bound for KSMC (friendlyroseforever, medic28, me and you).

    try to call this no.************ its the no.of mam ******* a staf of sro among their staf she is the only one who is're an ICU nurse? my position is paramedic the other day called up to their office and they said that we already had our visa but no flight ticket yet, i just hope their telling the truth and not giving us false reassurance..

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    helo im new in this site,anyone here who is bound for king saud medical complex under hop?i have my final evaluation last aug 12 until now no good new from sro or poea,im starting to feel disappointed