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    Hi guys, future applicant here. Just wondering what tier the awardees were mostly in? What was the debt to income ratio?

    Is there a way to find out how the funds were dispersed based on the tiers?

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    For those of you accepted, what tier were you in and what was your d:i ratio?

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    Anyone know if tier 2 is even considered or is it only tier 1 that gets accepted?

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    Hhmm, how do you feel about cold weather? Minnesota is starting to hire nurses again. I love it here except it can get cold. I'm from L.A. too but I didn't move here for my career. I know the pay is middle of the road but cost of living is exceptionally low. You can actually buy a house out here for 120,000. It sounds like pay would start at 29 or so an hour and it's a wonderful place to raise a family. If it weren't for it being so cold in January... Minnesota would be the holy grail

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    Impaired swallowing r/t (patho of h5n1)
    Ineffective tissue perfusion r/t inability of the alveoli to perfuse oxygen in exchange for co2
    Fliud volume deficit d/t the bodies increased metabolism from fever accompanied with diarrhea
    Acute pain r/t muscle aches
    Impaired swallowing
    thats all I have for now

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    Great advice! I guess I'm not sure what type of NP I want to be yet. I think I'll start out in the ER or ICU or even medsurg so that I can get to experience everything. Thanks again!

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    Just graduated and I plan to start working soon. I want to continue my education to be either a CNM or a DNP. I know for CNM the best floor would be L&D but what about for DNP?

    What floor do you work on? Do you love it?

    Thanks in advance!!