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    Quote from Caribbean Character
    How about the dream where you realize that there is a class that you have not attended in the past 6 weeks because you forgot that you were enrolled in it?!?!?!

    Or is that just me?
    Nope. That's another one of my usuals.

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    I am in my last semester and have been having those dreams all throughout school. In mine, I am usually running late to class for a test, naked with hairy legs, and then of course I don't recognize any of the content on the test.

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    Quote from EmilyEmily
    don't you have to take the hesi to get admitted?
    Ok, yea, you're right. I forgot they just changed all of the requirements for admission. My class only had to take the math test, which was nice. But hopefully it will make it easier to get in now.

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    Quote from EmilyEmily
    what study guide do you all recommend for the hesi admission exam?
    What is this? Ive never heard of it.

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    Does anyone know what pay is for an RN with 2 years experience in/around the Port Charlotte area?

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    Can you? Yes. You can do anything you have to. Should you? Work as little as you are able. I am finishing up my 1st year of the program at OCC and have been working fulltime as a PCA at a hospital. I was really worried about working during the program and even asked people in the class ahead of mine if it was doable beforehand. I was told that everyone in that class who continued to work fulltime ended up dropping out. Well....I have been working fulltime and have maintained a 4.0! BUT I am TIRED! I am getting burned out! We have 10 more weeks until summer vacation and I am counting down the days. I need a break. I am in either class/clinical 4 days and I work 12-hour shifts the remaining 3 days. I am studying/doing homework when Im not doing either of those things. I am going all day, everyday of the week. Its exhausting. I do it because I have no choice. I have bills and a mortgage plus I like to eat. I bought a house last summer before I started the program. For me it was a better option than renting because I found a great deal and only pay half of what I did in rent. I am extremely lucky because my husband is super supportive and we do not have kids. So, my personal advice is: if you have to work then do it, especially if its in a hospital, etc, so that you 'll have a foot in the door. But seriously work as little as you can. You'll just be better off mentally, because nursing school takes a LOT out of you. Good luck!

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    Write them down as you're doing them. Or are we not allowed to? When I do vitals at work, I always write them down or I'll forget by the time I do each part.

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    Whosurdaddy & Quarterlife,
    We are always hearing how mean/hard on us the instructors can be so I am kind of scared of them, though most of them seem nice so far (its only been a week, lol.) Anyway, we were in lab the other day in mini groups with an instructor who was just going over some general info, asking us questions, etc. No real work yet. Anyway, the instructor asked my group if any of us have worked in health care and I said that I was a PCA (the only one in the group.) Now Im paranoid that maybe I made a mistake and that it might be better to keep this to myself. I dont want to give them any reason to have it out for me. Im not one of those know-it-all types but Im afraid they will think that or expect me to do things perfectly right off. Have you seen this happen with any of your classmates?

    P.s. Congrats and Gook luck in the job, Whosurdaddy!

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    Quote from whosurdaddy
    hope everyone passed pharm, but heard of a couple who didnt through friends i still talk to in the program. its always hard to see people fail. the one thing about nursing school is gossip sure does spread fast.
    some final stats for those who are interested: we finished with around 139 students out of 216 that started. some of those were LPN's doing transitions so the number of us that graduated on time was around 110 to 115. so just a little over 50%. scary isnt it.
    I am honestly surprised (and a little confused) about how easy Pharm was! I kept hearing how hard it was but I found it very easy. I am wondering if it was the teacher. (I had -----------.) She gave us powerpoints and basically told us what to know for the test. Maybe the other teachers were harder?

    Those stats are horrifying! Do you have any idea what it was that people seemed to have the most trouble with or what led to so many failing?

    Good luck in your job search!!! Keep us posted!

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    Quote from wendyyvonne
    Hi kizeemimi!

    During the first six weeks of Foundations, you will be attending classes three days a week: one theory and two lab days. Theory is usually on Mondays; lab is either Tuesdays and Wednesdays or Thursdays and Fridays. Beginning week seven, your schedule will consist of four days: one theory, one lab, and two days of clinicals.
    Can you tell me anything about missing days? I absolutely do NOT want to or plan on it but Im just wondering what happens if you do? I looked at the Nursing Handbook, but its kind of general. My sister is getting married in FL on a Thurdsay in November. I assume Im just going to have to miss it but I wondered if I was able to go for 1 day only, what would happen if I missed a day?

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    I have noticed that SOME people in general, whether or not they are a patient in a health care setting, have to have it be all about them. They have to be the boss, call the shots, etc. When I have these people as patients, I let them do just that. I am friendly, receptive and listen to what they want. If I let them "be the boss" they usually become easy patients and prefer me over other PCAs. Its not a matter of letting them walk over me, or not doing my job, etc, its learning how to communicate with different personality types. Whether this will work or not once I finish school and become an RN, I do not know! lol

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    All this back & forth arguing aside, you know what I was thinking? How in the world does a vet tech (animal nurse, etc, etc) start an IV on a furry animal??? Seeing how hard it is to start IVs on some people, can you imagine having to find a decent vein an a being covered in fur???