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    How about this.....

    " Just so happens to be your lucky night. Nurse Mary is assigned to all the aholes and she is not of color".

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    Quote from SweetPEI
    Change can occur if enough people want it
    Bingo. Obviously, not enough people at your facility want it. Choose battles that offer a reasonable chance of precipitating change. Doesn't sound like this is it. At least for now.

    I couldn't help but notice that your avatar was Mickey Mouse in a nursing outfit. The two really don't mix. Disney is make-believe. Nursing is real life. Tolerance and a non- judgemental attitude are necessary. It's not the perfect world of Disney pixie dust, sunshine and rainbows and everyone catering to your needs.

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    Go to
    click on member hospitals to see list with links of leading children's hospital

    search the various websites using weight management clinic or program and you will find lots of info

    BUT the poblem is $$ ....very few of the services provided within the program are billable to third-party payors. A few things here and there but not much. Takes a lot of FTE's to run the programs and very little revenue in. Most of the programs are subsidized by the facilites, run on a shoestring budget and included as a "community benefit" in their annual report. Not a ton of opportunites.

    For the most part, the role of the nurse is to manage and coordinate all the moving parts of the interdisciplinary program and to provide patient / family education.

    Hope that helps a bit

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    Your personality may be that you will never believe you are aequately prepared untl you've jumped in, done it, and actually have experience as charge. Sounds like you have insight into your strenghts and weaknesses for the role and that you might be ready to go for it.

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    Non- Conformist


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    Quote from Psychtrish39
    My question sexual frustration or not is who on earth would want to go to their workplace off duty or not and have sex..? he was wrong and so was she and she should have been fired as well.. we nurses are supposed to have ethical and moral character. I mean I like sex as well as anyone but by Gosh why at work. Haven't they heard of off duty and Motel 6 ?
    She delivers herself like a pizza right to his door at the hospital and he can't go anywhere else. Truthfully, otherwise, he likely couldn"t be bothered to invest the energy and his precious free time on her outside of work.

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    Quote from billyboblewis
    It is amusing that there are so many self righteous people left in the world. Yes rules may have been broken but no harm occurred. I have been woring in hospitals for over 40 years and know this occurs on a regular basis...I may even have been offender on occasion. At one local hospital a nurse and a doctor engaged themselves in the chapel where the tv camera was on for the oncoming service. They were observed by all who had the TV's on to that channel in the middle of the nite..embarrassing..for sure..This type of behavior occurs all over in any place you can think of and will continue until something can be done about human genes.
    I'm telling you. You can't make this s** up. LOL. It cracks me up that all of us that have been in the business for years and years are like, yeah.........

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    Quote from KeyMaster
    The entire staff of the hospital should obviously have mandatory education provided on how to knock on a door. Of course someone will have to develop a policy on how loud the knock should be and the duration and frequency of the knocking. This will probably require an extensive search of literature to provide evidence for best practice. Additionally, a study should be drafted as to determine which nursing theory is the most effective model to follow.
    A suitable consequence should be determined for failure to knock on a closed door, with progressive action for repeated failure to knock. The terms "Knock" and "Closed door" should be clearly defined to enable everyone to follow policy appropriately and avoid misinterpretation of the Knocking On A Closed Door policy. Policy should include proper documentation of knocking or the reason that the knock was not performed.
    Understanding of the policy will be verified through testing and return demonstration. Repeat testing will be allowed for the first failed attempt, and a transcript placed in each staff member's file. Understanding should be validated on a yearly basis.
    I am so sorry for taking up space jus quoting and saying LOL when I've already liked it but that was just too dang good ! LOL

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    I am sorry, i just can't get on board going out all nursed up begging for money so we can hand out some little cha-cha or trinket or have a food party. I don't get into all the "fill in the blank" weeks with umbrellas and mugs and lunch bags. I would far more appreciate a sincere personalized note thanking me for x, y, z that I contribute to the unit or group etc . That would be meaningful to me. I know I sound like a big grouch........whatever

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    Quote from nursel56
    Maybe the CCU nurse should be suspended for not knocking on the door with a sense of determination and needing a nursing supervisor to figure out the door was locked.
    nurse156 and I are of the same generation of nurses. Regardless of your moral belief, this is something that our generation learned how to handle, especially if you worked in an academic facility. That's just the way it was sometimes.

    You also knew if the docs had any dirt back then because there weren't pagers and cell phones. The answering service called the doc's home phone to reach the senior resident and attending they were on call. So....... if they weren't going to be at the hospital or home, they told the night charge nurse on the floor exactly how to get in touch with them. Didn't want the hospital calling their home looking for them when they were supposed to be at the hospital.

    Come to think of it , that may be one of the reasons that relationships seemed less advesarial between nurses and docs long ago. We knew all the dirt and they knew it.

    That might just be an aha moment in the decline of nurse-physician professional relationship........ the advent of the cell phone. LOL

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    Does anyone know what exactly happened ?

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    If mom has that much time to commit to tanning ( if you want to call it that ) something tells me that the odds are at least even that she has time available to do so because we the public are providing assistance in some way, shape or form. If that is the case, it doesn't end there. We'll also pick up the tab should treatment for melanoma be necessary down the road.

    Believe it or not, that's not usually the direction my thinking automatically goes towards, but for some reason on this one, it did.

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    I know I am in the minority but as far as I am concerned, one "ceremony" should be adequate to recognize the achievement of nursing degree which is what the graduation ceremony now is. Beyond that, throw a party to celebrate when the pins come in.

    However, you can take what I say with a grain of salt ........ as I was a member of the first clinical group of eight in our BSN program to successfully resist wearing the nursing cap. This was late seventies. From then on, we were forever known throughout the school and in all the facilities we rotated through as the group that refused to wear caps.

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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    I think people who clog up the ED with non-emergent emergencies should have to pay cash at time of service.
    With an extra added surcharge for improper use of resources !

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    I would just make note that you appreciate the opportuity to interview and observe and remain interested in working at xyz facility on xyz unit blah blah blah. Then state that your primary choice of shift would be _____ but that you are fortunate that you schchedule allows you the flexibility to work either shift.

    Clean it up a bit bviously but something along that line if you really are willing to do either if it came downto that. You don't see the applicants getting the option too often - I might poke around and see if I uncover any reason for openings across the board . Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could.