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    All of ours nurses and techs are taught to pass the scope.

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    Is there anyone that is currently doing online charting in the endo lab? If so what vendor do you use? :Melody:

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    my unit just signed up to a 4 year lease agreement with olympus
    it has good advantages such as:
    if scopes a damaged they replace them with new ones
    after 4 years we can return them to olympus and get all new ones.[/QUOTE ]

    sounds great.

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    sorry about that. we use all olympus scopes.

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    Quote from Jbahoffman
    You do not mention what kind of scopes you use??????
    Thank you!
    we use pcf160al, which are colonoscopes.

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    Quote from Jbahoffman
    We are trialing olympus and pentex---the latest scopes--- we are building a new unit and about to replace all of our scopes, We currently use pentex--have needed alot of repairs--are Olympus any better?? One of our doctors really liked the olympus variable stiffness scope.. Does anyone else have any comments about them and do they break easily??? We are worried about REPAIR and also SERVICE.. We are located in central NY..Thank You!!
    we really like these scopes where I work. They make getting to cecums a lot easier and it less difficult for women that has had pelvic surgeries. I think this is a great buy. You cannot use a 10 bicap cautery with these scopes.

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    yes where I work we always pass the scope for certain doctors.

    Quote from lmbv55
    I am interested to find how how many places advance the endoscopes for the Dr.'s, both EGD and Colon.

    I work with surgeons and GI doc. We have 1 surgeon that can not
    manipulate the scope and advance the scope at the same time.
    This Dr. has recently returned to work after an absence and since we have not had to advance scope since he has been gone we are reluctant to do so now.

    As one of our GI doc's said "who ever is driving the scope is doing the exam" and we are not sure we want to be "drivingtthe scope.

    So ,is it common practice for nurses to drive the scope for docs?


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    Quote from acauchi
    Can anyone give me more information regarding the normal standards concerning how a bronchoscope should be sterilised. Is it enough sterilising it with Gluteraldehyde in a basin or should a proper machine be used and for how long should it be left in the solution.
    our bronchoscopes are leak test, brushed, washed externally then flushed serveral times with the cleaning solutions. Then placed in a scope processor where it is wash,disinfected for 45 min.,then rinsed and alcoholed and dried.