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    i would suggest you to take the pre req. from other colleges, or if you want to take the risk show up on the first day of the class you might get lucky if someone wont show up.. or better yet take any class for now that you can enroll like history or sociology or psych. so that the following semester you will have priority registration date. good luck =D

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    *cerritos college i meant

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    this message is for everyone who can help me..
    i got accepted in cerritos this coming spring11 lvn to rn program.. i believe we will be put together with generic rn program. can anyone tell me what to expect from third sem.? i wanna be ready

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    hi karmarene

    i was accepted this coming winter 11 for carreer ladder but i stil hav to take the teas exam, any advice which to review?.. can u tell me more insight and experience of the intersession? tenkz

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    hi.. can u tell me more about pcc rn program during 3rd and forth sem. coz il be applying for carreer ladder program.. thank