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    Yes that's for LPN. At the time I was making 33/hr, we were the highest paid in our city (San Jose) for a sub acute facility that works with vent & trach's and at that time I was a new grad so that was the starting rate. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt and went under new ownership and pay was cut. I feel so lucky though when I see what other people are posting because I know how hard we work and what little pay some people get.

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    When I first started at my job at a sub acute facility I was making $33/hr but our company went under new ownership and now make only $29/hr.

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    I'm relocating to AZ from CA in January. I'm an LVN/LPN with 3 years experience in sub-acute care. I've worked with patients with vents and trachs and also have experience as a supervisor and currently an infection control nurse. I'm looking into moving to either the Glendale or Scottsdale area. Are there any sub acute facilities in those areas? And what are the pay rates for experienced LVN/LPN's? I know what I'm making now will probably be nowhere near what I will be making there but would like to get an idea of what the pay rates are. Thanks!