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    I just read your post and I'm glad to hear you liked the USA program, I am considering it myself. Is there anything you dislike about it? I did my BSN at a regular university and I'm not sure what to expect from the online Masters, I guess I am a little concerned about managing the workload and getting feedback on questions from professors. Do you have any advice to someone looking at the same program you are now finishing? Did you have any trouble getting clinical sites? Is it manageable to work full time while in school, or do you recommend part time? Sorry to hit you with so many questions but you write about both the school and the specialty I am considering, hope you will offer some enlightenment...

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    Wow! Reading all the responses is so inspiring! I am considering starting on my masters this year but was worried about the time commitment. Thanks to all of you who wrote such uplifting words. There are many of us out here, working as RNs, who seek the type of encouragement and practical advice you have all offered. It is a cool drink of water. Thanks again, think I'll send my application in tonight!