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    My understanding is that an RN is an RN. Experience is an absolute plus. A person can be excellently book smart, yet not have the "quick thinking" problem solving skills required in a nursing management position. I have served 9yrs. in the military and only have an ADN, but am working on a BSN. Yet I have been charge nurse on my floor countless of times and now officially at least once a week. Worked on a very busy med/surg floor for past 4yrs.+ which I have seen become more acute in the last 2 yrs. concerning pts. "Learn all you can and help others". That is my moto.

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    First question is, have you been a nurse aide? They are your backbone in a sense due to the fact that they sometimes are able to have more pt. contact. I have been a nurse aide and can tell you like they told me, "they make you or break you". Have a good raport with your nurse aides and listen to their needs/ problems.

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    I did not know at the time, but I was pregnant and embarissingnly had to step out to use the bathroom at least 3 times during my 75 question test. Believe me I thought I was not only way too nervous, but that I failed. I have now been a nurse +3yrs. and have been appointed charge nurse/ preceptor/ you name it. Have faith. You can do it!