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    Took also exam last june 18. . Wanna share a bit of my story for encouragement. I failed the first time june 24 ,2011 not really prepared at all got a full time job that time. So i decided to retake a year after .still working with 2 jobs both graveyard and day . Cant afford to lose a job bec we got a lot of debts to settle. Also unable to purchased online review which i really wanted like kaplan or hurst . I used Saunders comprehensive review, la charity, kaplan strategies. 2011. Q&A practice from nclex4000 ( free download) . And purchased NCSBN learningext which i found very useful , less expensive for just 40 bucks and most of all seen most similar question in exam.Keep praying praying praying. After got home from work need to cook dinner and some errands. And started studying between 730- 11 pm til i can mostly 3-4 days a night in a week.. I even grab my reviewer at work during my graveyard shift. Started reviewing february til exam on and off due to my 2 jobs. never study when really exhausted from work coz doesnt make sense wasting time to review when your brain unable to grasp info. And got all review tips that really helps.Got 12 sata, 3 computations, 3 exhibit ( mostly which meds to hold), 4 pharma, 6-8 infection control, 5 delegation, 1 OB, tons of health teaching 10-15, prioritization at least 12. Negligence question 3, 2 pedia.Shut down at 75 done after 2 hrs. Didnt took my break coz computer ask me to take it 74 question which so funny and i was nervous feeling like not doing good coz ask me to take a break. So i click no and continue to 75 question. And shut off at 75. When doing survey my hands were really shaking. For you guys who are taking exam soon. Keep pressing on and believe in God and yourself that you can. Once you find your will to study , having 2 jobs wont be a hindrance for you to give up, failing first or so on doesnt mean your giving up. but God knows how you work hard for it and He will pay you off. I almost give up , but keep moving forward to reach my goal.