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    Quote from HawkinsRV
    I'm a nursing student right now and I'm about a year away from graduating with my BSN. I see forum after forum about new grads who can't find jobs, and it worries me.

    So for all of you veteran nurses out there, I want an HONEST opinion:

    We don't have many job opportunities. If we take non-hospital jobs (LTC, school nurse, etc.) will we be unmarketable in our future? I hear stories that if you take jobs where some nursing skills aren't used, that potential employers will feel like you've lost those skills. Honestly, I love the idea of becoming a school nurse, but who knows what my future holds. If one day I want to find a hospital job, will I be hire-able? Do you think that when the economy picks up that hospitals will be understanding of the fact that my cohort just had to take what they could get?

    Thanks in advance!
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