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    Has anyone out there been reported as not rehireable? The Chapter One list in the Dallas area is a list of nurses who has been fired and not recommended for rehire. You are not supposed to be reported if you resign and you are supposed to notified if you are placed on the list. Neither of the two are true. I am wanting to know if anybody has fought it and been able to get your name removed from the list. Also does anyone know how long your name stays on the list? I do have a phone # I plan to call next week and hopefully get a few answers. I will let you know if I get anywhere. Please let me know if you can help.

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    a banana, a muffin, protein bar, Special K is really good. Or just a big glass of milk. Or a bag of trail mix, etc. Never skip completely. Take a snack with you too.

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    Yes it definetly will. Besides it will probably be required once you start, which also means they wiill pay for it. You could always study and be ready to take it and tell them that you considered doing it before you started, but are ready to do it as soon as possible. Either way it will look good that you are prepared. Good luck.

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    get your OB doc to think of a reason why you can't work and quit for medical reasons. He/she will probably be willing to work with you. I am a nurse and there is always a way to make it work. The fact that you are very stressed, aren't sleeping right, can't eat right, concerned about the baby...There are many excuses your MD could given you to allow you to quit work. It shouldn't be held against you that way. Given it a try! Otherwise, if you quit, just tell them it is because of the pregnancy and you can't give your all at your job and they should understand. Good luck.