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  • May 3

    Hello All:

    I am a relatively new nurse (practicing 8 months). At the time I started my first job, I entered with the excitement and enthusiasm that accompanies most new endeavors. Although nervous and extremely stressed, I persevered through my first few months with few incidents.

    But I find myself consistently plagued by a sense of dread. This feeling that I am missing something. During my shift, the tasks seem overwhelming. Tasks.... Even with CA fantastic 5 pt ratio, the needs of my patients can be too much for me to hold. I wish I could pull up a chair, converse with my clients... be in an environment that isn't wound up so tight at the hilt... anyone get my drift?

    Perhaps Med/Surg just isn't my niche.

    I have considered searching out opportunities outside the hospital. Perhaps home health, primary care, or even pursuing an advanced practice degree.

    I know this post is a bit dis-jointed. And maybe it's just the rain outside talking. But I'm desperately afraid that someday, all the little things that I've missed because I've felt so under the gun are going to come crashing down. I don't want to be that nurse.

    Anyway, any thoughts are appreciated. It's good therapy for us all.