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    What do you reccomend for a laptop? I am going to get a new one before the semester, and would really like to get a mac. Is it easier/better to get a dell or other type of PC, or is it okay to use a mac? I was going to wait until orientation to see what they say, but seeing as you have been there for a semester and have seen what everyone has been using, what would you reccommend?


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    I have a question about registering for classes to anyone that may be able to help! I have sent in my confirmation form and everything and sent the paper for approval to register to the advisor. My status has changed to Provisional admit-CONFIRMS. I have also been able to create a user name...It just keeps telling me that I am unable to register. Is there something I am missing or havent sent in? Maybe I just have to wait for them to process my information still?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!

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    Grey Lady,

    How can we find the dates for the CPR courses and how can we register? Also, how and when can we submit our deposit? Do we have to wait for the letter to be able to do this?

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    Congratulations everyone!!! I am so excited to start in January! I will be attending the Baltimore Campus for Traditional BSN!

    I am just a little unsure of what to do now that I see I have been accepted online. To accept the offer and put a deposit down, do I have to wait for the letter to come in the mail? Or is there a way to do this online before then?

    Also, will we get a list of available dates to take the CPR classes or should we do this on our own as soon as possible?

    Thanks for the help!! I cant wait to meet everyone!

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    Application Data
    Admission Term: Spring 2011
    Admission Type: Traditional BSN Student
    Application Status: Decision Made
    Decision: Provisional-Admit

    YAYYY!!! I GOT IN!!! BALTIMORE CAMPUS!! It was just updated!

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    Shady Grove or Baltimore?

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    I applied to Baltimore campus too! ahhh Hope we hear soon!

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    Still waiting too!!

    Just saw on the sims website that the website will be down from the 19th-29th. So if we dont hear before the 19th online, then I guess we can start hoping for a letter in the mail

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    I am also very very bad at waiting!!! Haven't heard everything yet, and am still checking my application online quite often! Good luck everyone hopefully we all hear soon!

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    I am also very nervous!! I hope we all hear soon!!

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    anyone heard anything? I know someone before said we all probably wouldn't hear until November...the wait is killing me!

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    I've been looking at previous posts, (a little obsessively lol) from past semesters. And the deadline for Fall 2010 was Feb 1. Those applicants starting to hear back around the middle/end of I guess its possible that we could hear by middle of October!! I sure hope so...thats only 2 more weeks!

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    Hi everyone!!

    I applies for spring 2011 bsn program and have been pretty much stalking the sims website!! Does anyone have an idea of when we'll know a decision? I've been reading other posts on here, and it seems like the time period between the deadline and when people have found out is from a few weeks to over two months!! Ah! I am so anxious to know!