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    i took the NCLEX-RN exam today my computer shut down @ 75 @ about 2 hours and 24 minutes...some questions are easy coz i came across them when i was reviewing for the past 3 days... and most questions are difficult... yes 3 days.. i only have 3 days of consistent review i didnt have enough review for its difficult if youre alone reviewing...2 heads are still better than 1... im off from college 2 years ago and its hard seriously... i still have headache from the exam... im so nervous about the result... i tried the pvt thing and it just brings me to my account which says "your exam results are not available at this time" what does that mean? is it something positive? or what? please enlighten me.. i also check BON tried to verify my license and it says ACTIVE and there is a license number... is it possible that they already have the result few hours after the exam? cant wait to see the final result which i am hoping it says you PASSED!!! LORD YOUR WILL BE DONE... i will accept wholeheartedly your plans for me... if you think by passing the NCLEX-RN exam i can help more people... please let me pass...