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    As far as I know, fr their math requirements as long as you have a 3 credit course that is either a gen ed math, college algebra or even higher it will work. And if you are a degree holder, math is waved.

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    Well, I have attended the school before and all i can say is that their (CMK) price is very reasonable and they don't sacrifice the quality of our (students) education. Which is a very good thing. , Hope this helps!

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    CMK stands for the name of the owners children, It is a nice school and a cheap one too. The employees are very supportive and helpful when it comes to the student needs. If you have a lot of questions specially in class, the teacher will immediately answers your needs. (Just tell her first), and if you finish the course and you didnt understand some parts of the class and you need help, they let you sit in class for the next batch but you need to ask permission first.

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    Quote from Chris NS
    same thing i wanna know, this is wat scarys me in what JC will accept my credits
    they will accredit your credits from CMK because i've seen alot of nursing students who took their prereqs at CMK. And also cmk is an approved school by the ISBE and Illinois Dept. of Health...

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    Cmk personnels are not negligent of people. I know that for sure, because i personally had an experience calling them and inquiring. I know that we might think they are negligent on the phone, but the reason is that they want you to come to their office for them to inquire you clearly of the things you wanted to know. Calling them is ok but dont ask too many questions on the phone because they have a lot of work to do. like say entertaining another person like you which is infront of them. so it is best that we have to go to their office personally and they will alot a great amount of time for us

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    the A&P course i think is for $1,200.00

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    yes, i inquired in the school and they offer the LPN program there. The cost is $15,000.00. There are certain prereqs before you get in the program, like pharmacology, english, math, anatomy & physiology, medical terminology and you have to be a CNA.
    I wont have a hard time waiting in line for the community college to take some of the prereqs because they offer A&P, pharmacology and Medical Terminology at their Glendale Heights location. I think their class for westmont will start Jan. 8, 2011 and the program in GH this March 2011