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    Hey! This one question has been driving me crazy.... I looked in 4 of my textbooks, powerpoints, and online and can't find it anywhere! Help please if anyone knows where this information is located!
    "During periods of high fluid volume states in the right heart, the liver is able to accept approximately ____ L of the excess volume by distending, which decreases circulating fluid volume. Choices: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0"

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    Hi! I have been working on ABG practice problems and think I have it all down... except these three questions...Can anyone help me with these/ explain? Thanks so much for your help!!

    What is the mechanism by which CO2 is formed in the human body?
    a) By-product of plasma protein degradation
    b) By-product of inadequate tissue perfusion
    c) By-product of normal metabolic processes
    d) By-product of insufficient hemoglobin

    The renal systen resolve respiratory induced acidosis by?
    a) Excretion of fewer hydrogen ions in the form of fixed acids
    b) Excretion of additional CO2 in the form of fixed acids
    c) Reabsorption of additional bicarbonate from urine filtration
    d) Reabsorption of additional hydrogen ions from urine filtration

    The source of atmospheric or barometric pressure is...
    a) Air currents in the atmosphere
    b) Electrical charges associated with ions in the atmosphere
    c) Chemical attraction of gas molecules for one another in the atmosphere
    d) Random movement and collision of gas molecues in the atmosphere