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    Where are you a staffing coordinator Mr. Walters. I think that you might be one in a million

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    I totally agree with you about all that you said. My situation is a little different from yours but the result is still the same. I have been a registered nurse for 8 yrs now and was accused of a crime that I did not commit. Let me give you a little background, fell in love with a long time family friend 19 yrs my senior. Shortly after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Eventually I left my job, my home and my family to care for him at his request because there was no family around willing to help him. While I was with him, I assisted in having 3 of his sisters obtain visas to come to america. 2 before he died and the last one didn't make it until after. When the 2 sisters were there with him he gave them $200.00 a week and they did the cooking. Mostly the money was for them to buy what they needed however they didn't see it as such and insisted that I should purchase what they needed out of the house money. I continued to work at my job in NY while they were there, between using holidays, and vacation days I must have only worked 14 12 hour shift in 3 months and still got my full salary. After they left I could not leave him so I had to stop working. He died 2 1/2 months later He had a will that only listed his 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren of which I was aware but didn't care. My main focus was making him comfortable. When he knew that he was going to die he said that no one has ever taken care of me the way that you have. He paid up my bills, send me a check in the mail, and signed over the title to his car to me. As his eyes closed the daughters who were never involved and didn't care started to threaten my life, accuse me of stealing his car and then money. They brought it to the attention of the police who spoke to me about it. I gave them all the information which was verifiable but no one followed up the leads. 15 months later I was arrested with 3 felony charges. They had no witness so the case went on for 1 year and was finally set for trial because I wouldnt take their deal. The day before the trial it was cancelled and another 10 months passed before we went to trial. There was yet another deal which I said no to. A few days before the trial the judge wanted to see me again to inform me that I was facing 30 yrs if I don't take the deal and I said that I did nothing wrong so I refused. We went to trial and I was found NOT GUILTY of the 2 charges that I was on trial for. The exploitation of the elderly charged was dropped before we went to trial. The BON did investigate and found no probable cause so my license was never suspended. It as always remain active but getting a job has been tough because I have not worked for more than a year and the fact that I was arrested doesn't help either. Recently someone needed a nurse quickly and I took the assignment. It was private and no question was asked so I said nothing. All was going well, the lady and I a good fit. I left on friday after helping her to get all her paperwork in order with her job and her sons job regarding family leave. In order to do this I had to go to my home and get my fax maching so that the necessary paper works could be faxed to where they needed to go. when I returned on monday I was met by her son outside and told not to come back. Apparently he believed that someone died in my care and I am under investigation which was so far from the truth. The way I look at it, thier lost. Recently I have had the arrest record sealed, If I am lucky enought to get an interview, I will however, sing like a bird because it is out there. All one has to do his google my name and all the bad come up before you see the little small caption of the aquittal.