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    If you want to go to CRNA school CSICU is the way to go! You get the most experience with vasoactive drips there. Almost all of our nurses that apply get in. Your stature doesn't matter! I can count on both hands nurses that match your description. Hopefully you will work in a place that has a lift team and where nursing is a team sport. Get your CCRN, that will help too.

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    I have been asked to volunteer as the camp nurse for 6th outdoor school this year. I am a cardiac intensive care nurse, not a pediatric nurse, however I think a little common sense should go a long way. I have begun researching camp nursing and am now concerned about my legal ability to issue medications to students without standing orders from a physician. There are apparently no protocols being provided for me. I will have 3 kids with severe allergies and they have provided their own emergency kits and standing orders from their physicians. What happens if a different child goes into anaphylactic shock? To my knowledge there are no extra epi-pins stocked at the camp and I was thinking of bringing my own just to have in case of emergency. As a volunteer, can I administer the epi to a child (or an adult counselor) in an emergency and be covered under the good samaritan act?