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    i am currently the clinical educator in a rehab hospital that has semi-private rooms. Both our nurse manager and administrator would like to begin bedside reporting. We presented this to one of our shared governance councils, and they questioned the legality of this practice in semi-private rooms. Are any of you currently utilizing this form of report, and if so, how is it working for you?

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    Ugh...gotta love thos who don't really know what rehab is all about. It's a unique crossroad where nursing, education and therapy all collide! I spend most days being a cheerleader, somedays educating pts and families about everything from meds to transfers, to sex, and other days accomplishing transfers with pts others had given up all hope on. Is it backbreaking? Yes! Is it heartbreaking sometimes? Yes! But it is so worth it to see that CVA pt lift their pinky finger on what was a flaccid hand, or the TBI pt sit through an entire meal without cursing or hitting someone. Then there's the SCI that caths themself for the first time, allowing them to go home vs the nursing home at 35 years old. I feel like I am making a difference--not just stabilizing and discharging. This is what nursing wa supposed to be--embrace it! If rehab is what you feel pulled to, it is where you should be. Good luck!

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    This really depends on the college and state. A lot of BSN programs only have two years pre-reqs and two years school.

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    Might I suggest a rehab unit? You get to do a lot of the normal "nursey" stuff, but with a therapy-like kick--you are hands on, teaching the pt and family! It is so awesome and rewarding to see people get better. I have worked in MANY areas in 12 years, and this is by far the most rewarding experiences I have had! Good luck with any thing that you choose!

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    I have applied to this program and would love anyone's thoughts on it!:redpinkhe I am pretty good with a computer, but have been out of school for twelve years, so the thought of attending class was TOO frightening at this point! I thought an online program would do better for me between working full time and four kids with all thier activities (gymnastics, cheer, football, basketball AND soccer!)

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    Our therapists state that they would be "more tha willing" to help if they only knew when to toilet patients. we tell them, but it seems that they can never toilet the patient, or never let the nurse know the outcome! I am trying to manage incontinence and control SNF discharges related to this! I would like to develop a program that works for all involved, but my nubmer one concern is of course the patient!

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    Hello all! I am currently serving as clinical educator in an inpatient rehab hospital. I want to develop an effective bladder program, but am having trouble with therapist buy-in. Any ideas on how you guys do this in your facilities? How is your bladder program set up? How do therapists know to toilet patients? Thanks for any input!