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    Quote from blue_river
    mayrachristina same situation as yours...don't be discouraged. you will be fine. hope for the best.

    thank you and fruity pebble haha i re-read my last post it was so late didn't mean to sound so sad!
    either way i signed up for english and will start next month hope to get an a! thanks

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    honestly reading all this can really depress a girl I should've thought of retaking my English! I got a B on it (dual credit in highschool). Got a 91 or 92 on Reading on the HESI a grand total of about 11.37XX. I was really praying and hoping but reading this stuff brings me down so bad haha...I guess I'm gonna take English (second start) to try and get an A to enter in January at North Harris!! I'll be ready then!!