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    Quote from 13dragon13
    hi leeshpdl,

    i am so sorry that your state does not participate in the quick results, i really commend you guys for sticking it out so long-that wait would kill me!

    All i can say is that without a shadow of a doubt i am convinced you have passed! Congrats! Be proud of yourself and know that you have worked very hard to get to that point!

    thank you soooooo much that really gives me hope! Ill let you guys know when "it's official"!!! So glad i found this site!

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    I also created an account specifically to comment on this after being a crazy lurker and practically reading every thread LOL.

    I took my NCLEX this am at 0800 and it shut off at 75. I thought that is what I wanted to happen but when it did I almost screamed NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I just felt like I was doing sooooo BAD and I really wanted more questions to redeem myself before it turned off! I got soo many select all, priority, delegation and random meds I never would have thought to study. Seriously everything on my test I never would have thought to study for the content was so RANDOM. To prepare, I ONLY did Kaplan, I did everything that their website offers all of QTrainers and Qbanks and spent the last 3 weeks just really practicing questions and reading rationales and IF this Pearson Vue trick really DOES work then I can confidently say that Kaplan really does help because literally I feel like I was guessing most of the time and the only thing calming me was that I was so used to "breaking down" questions because of Kaplan and hammering that damn decision tree and that way of critically thinking into my head to make an educated guess when you really have no clue.

    Walking out to my car I was shaking and felt like I was gonna throw up I was so angry almost because I felt like "THATTTTT is what you wanted to ask me to see if I can be an RN?!!!" SOooo not what I was expecting, no cardiac or anything else that I would have guessed to be important content wise.

    When I got home I talked to two of my best girlfriends and psychotically kept checking the PVwebsite until it said "Delivery Successful" And I GOT THE GOOD POP UP!!! Taking the time to read all these threads really helped me to relax a little bit and literally everyone I know did it also and it worked and I know of one person who didn't pass and it did indeed direct them to the Credit Card Screen. I guess there really is something to it. I mean if you think about it it makes sense since it is electronic it knows if you passed right away and why would it let you pay if you already passed so now I sit and wait to see my "official results" OH BY THE WAY: WHY THE HELL DOES CALIFORNIA NOT PARTICIPATE IN QUICK RESULTS?!! Thank God for this "trick" because that is so cruel and tortuous to make us wait in agony!